Trump administration ban TikTok and WeChat in USA

TikTok, WeChat ban in the USA violates WTO rules, China says

The Trump administration ban TikTok and WeChat apps in the USA, a legal battle is preventing the presidential decree from being enforced. This week, the White House announced that it is expected to file an appeal in higher courts.

However, what has attracted attention in this entire soap opera is that China has remained completely silent on the state of its businesses on American soil. The only protest in Beijing was verbalized today.

According to the Chinese representative to the World Trade Organization (WTO), the ban on TikTok and WeChat in the United States and India violates all the rules of the body responsible for arbitrating trade disputes.

In addition to expressing concern, China has also accused India and the United States of abusing the concept of national security:

Countries use mechanisms incompatible with WTO rules. They restrict cross-border commercial services and violate the fundamental principles and objectives of the multilateral trading system.

The Chinese representative also noted that the United States has not provided any evidence that TikTok’s data collection is of real concern. This is because Facebook and other US companies are also using the same business strategy.

So far, the Indian and US governments have not expressed their views on the issue. In any event, China asserts that the main reason for the disputes is not related to the concept of national sovereignty, but to a simple trade dispute.


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