Trump Will Expel Foreign Students Who Study Online

Trump will expel foreign students who study ‘online.’

International students studying in the US will be forced to leave the country if their centers only teach online and not face-to-face, according to an announcement by immigration authorities, to avoid the spread of the pandemic. USA president Donald Trump will expel the foreign students who study online.

As in many countries, the coronavirus pandemic has led many centers across the US to suspend face-to-face classes and conduct them exclusively online. In all probability, the measure will continue in the face of the huge number of cases that do not stop growing.

In this context, the US immigration authorities point out that the State Department will not grant visas to students enrolled in centers or programs that are completely online. The result, likewise, would be that students already enrolled in studies that are carried out remotely and not in person may be forced to leave the country, which would affect thousands of young people.

Thus, students who want to stay in the US should seek alternatives include enrollment in programs that are taught in classroom mode.

The government of Donald Trump “will not grant visas to students enrolled in schools and/or programs that are completely online during the fall semester and border guards will not allow entering them to the country, ” specified the Service of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE, for its acronym in English).

Expulsion process

Students who are already in the United States “must leave the country or take other measures, such as enrolling in a school with classroom courses to maintain their legal status.” If they do not, they risk being subjected to an expulsion process, ICE said in a statement.

When establishments choose a “hybrid” model, they must certify that their foreign students are enrolled as much as possible in-classroom courses to maintain their residence rights. These exceptions will not be authorized for English studies or professional training.

“The cruelty of the White House knows no bounds,” Senator Bernie Sanders, a former candidate for the Democratic nomination for the November 3 presidential election, immediately criticized. “Foreign students are forced to choose between risking their lives in the classroom or being expelled,” he added.

“The worst thing is the uncertainty,” Gonzalo Fernández, a 32-year-old Spaniard who is studying for a doctorate in economics at George Washington University, told AFP. “We are here without knowing if the next semester we will have face-to-face classes or not, we do not know if we should return home or if they will end up kicking us out,” he added.

Most American schools and universities have yet to announce their plans for the semester beginning in September.

In the absence of vaccines, some, including California State University or the prestigious Harvard University, have announced that they will continue courses 100% in the virtual format at the beginning of the school year, even for students authorized to reside at their facilities.