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Turn Off These 4 Settings to Extend Your iPhone Battery Life

By making these settings in seconds, iPhone users can extend their battery life.

Experts advise iPhone users to examine the default settings that are draining their battery. Apple is working hard to enhance the user experience, but some settings can adversely affect battery life without the user’s knowledge.

Turn Off These iPhone Settings

Here are some settings you need to turn off right now to save your iPhone battery.

1) Background Application Updates

This feature enables applications to update content in the background, even when not in use. Experts caution, however, that this is a severe battery discharge. David Harris, the co-founder of MasterTheTech.com, compares it to a “vampire” that consumes energy continuously. Most users do not require this constant update and can easily disable it to conserve battery life.

2) Dynamic Background Wallpapers

Although dynamic wallpapers are visually appealing, they consume more energy than static wallpapers. Animated backgrounds can drain your battery quicker, and their aesthetic allure may not be worth it.

3) Push Emails

Another offender is a feature that automatically upgrades your inbox. Constantly scanning for new emails, even when nonexistent, can significantly deplete battery life.

4) Location Services

While location services are beneficial for providing directions and a customized experience, monitoring your location using GPS can be a significant battery drain. In addition, the constant monitoring of user locations may raise privacy concerns.

Experts advise navigating the settings menu to alter or disable these battery-draining features. By making these modifications in mere seconds, iPhone users can increase their devices’ battery life and efficacy.

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