Ubisoft fired three company managers

Ubisoft fired three company managers

Bad things are happening at Ubisoft. The Ubisoft company has recently fired three managers. The accusations against them are serious. According to the accusations, the company was to use unethical methods of work and allow for inappropriate management behavior. Three employees were charged – Serge Hascoët, Yannis Mallat, and Cécile Cornet.

Serious accusations

According to the source, Hascout was immoral and unethical about his employees. He committed homophobic behavior and violated the sexual sphere of comfort for his subordinates. Although the other two accused did not commit the acts described, they clearly allowed mobbing and other pathologies in the company.

Quick response from the company

Ubisoft reacted quite efficiently and quickly, issuing a special statement in which he informed about the voluntary departure of the accused employees from the company.
Below is an excerpt from the statements of Yves Guillemont, president of Ubisoft.

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Ubisoft has not fulfilled its obligations regarding the guarantee of safety and comfort in a work environment. This is unacceptable. Toxic behavior stands in strong opposition to values ​​that we have never denied and which we will never deny. I promise that I will lead to significant changes throughout the company to strengthen our work culture.

Ubisoft Forward will take place today

The company probably does everything to ensure that the internal situation does not affect its market value. It is worth recalling that today the Ubisoft Forward event will take place, which will present the latest games of the studio. The broadcast will start at 21.