Ubisoft Mug with an ear inside the vessel

Ubisoft Mug with an ear inside the vessel

A funny situation has recently occurred in a factory that produces gadgets for Ubisoft. Ubisoft has manufactured a mug with the logo of the French company was created by mistake with an ear inside the vessel.

It is not known whether the glitched mug is just a single mistake or a brilliant marketing ploy. Although Ubisoft apologized for producing a faulty gadget, fans are delighted with the less ergonomic design and want more.

Ubisoft together with the Chinese manufacturer of Sheepedia gadgets is responsible for the design of the fake mug. The finished, defective product was shared on Twitter by Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad.

Due to the glitch, in fact, the mug was produced with a built-in ear from the wrong side, which makes the utility values ​​drop very much. Ubisoft fans reacted very positively to such a project.


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