Undone Basecamp 456 Squid Game Watch Price and Features

Undone Basecamp 456 Squid Game Watch Price and Features

Undone Basecamp 456 Squid Game Watch Price and Features 

This is the event series for the end of the year! Squid Game has packed the news in recent weeks, with a pretty crazy hype all over the planet. A real social phenomenon that made Netflix happy, whose subscriptions have skyrocketed. Unsurprisingly, there are already many objects derived from the universe of the series, and in particular the Undone Basecamp The 456, a watch full of references to the squid game, which will inevitably appeal to all Squid Game fans.

Squid Game in a Few Figures

We obviously have the right not to have watched the series or even to find it very bad. On the other hand, it is impossible to deny this absolutely phenomenal success. It is the global hit of the moment and the media are talking about it on all continents. To better understand the extent of the success of the South Korean series, we must go back to the figures unveiled by Netflix, and they are absolutely crazy!

The streaming platform first announced a greater increase in the number of subscribers than expected, with 4.38 million additional subscriptions against 2.2 million the previous year, and a peak just after the release of Squid Game.

Less than a month after its launch, Bloomberg reported that 132 million viewers had at least launched the Korean series. This is the best start in history for a new Netflix series, far ahead of Bridgerton who held the previous record with “only” 82 million viewers!

About 90% of the curious watched more than one episode and 66% of the total audience swallowed the entire first season within a month. Also according to Bloomberg, Squid Game should bring at least $ 900 million to Netflix, which is obviously colossal, especially when we know that the series cost less than $ 25 million for its production.

If, on the other hand, you are one of the true lovers of the series and you are looking for some collector’s items derived from Squid Game, then Hong Kong watchmaker Undone, known for its personalized watches, has just released a little gem that takes it all in. a bunch of references straight from the show. This is the Undone Basecamp The 456, which therefore bears in its name the candidate number of Son Ki Hoon, the main character of the series.

Undone “The 456” Squid Game watch Features

It has a 316L steel case 40 mm wide and 15 mm thick. The very refined dial, in polycarbonate fiber, is squared and marked with a white square. We immediately recognize the mask worn by the “high-ranking officers” among the guards of the game. The soldiers are lower in the hierarchy with a circle or a triangle on the mask.

On the back of the watch, the case back is green, with the number 456, representing the participants’ attire. It’s very original and it totally stands out from the black and red/pink colors of the rest of the watch, which are inspired by the keepers’ outfits.

The hands are discreet, slightly gray, only the red second hand with its lightning shape is out of the ordinary. She is probably a reminder that death can strike every second during the game.

The Squid Game The 456 watch is solid and resistant, perfectly waterproof, it will survive immersion up to 100 meters without any problem. It is rather a good thing to escape from the island … Finally, the bracelet is in supple leather, pierced with holes to let the skin breathe. It is therefore a fairly sporty watch, but sober and elegant enough to be worn on any occasion.

An Automatic Watch

The Undone Basecamp The 456 is equipped with an automatic Japanese movement, so the watch works without a battery and is mechanically charged with each movement of your arm. This is a very good quality movement, renowned for its resistance, perfect for controlling time during each test of the game.

Squid Game Watch Price and Availability 

The Hong Kong watchmaker has pushed the delirium to price customization. Even the price is inspired by the series, the watch is priced at $ 456, again the main character’s number. It’s a bit more expensive than the Undone Classic Blackout which uses the same overall case, but it’s still a price consistent with the many details added to this very original model.

Squid Game: A season 2 quickly?

The South Korean series is already considered a cult series and there are sure to be plenty of you waiting for season 2. Netflix is ​​obviously on the job, but you will have to be patient since director and screenwriter Hwang Dong-hyuk has stated that “Just thinking about a new season wears me out”.

He also indicated that he does not yet have a story built for the second season and that he would need help from writers and directors to deliver a sequel to match. Either way, Season 1 ends with a lot of doubts, and fans, even with a cute watch on their wrists, will need to have some answers!

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