Uninstall these games from your smartphone

Uninstall these games from your smartphone

The computer security company Avast discovered the presence on the Play Store of 47 Android games infected with Trojan-type malware. These apps can bombard the user with advertisements, even making the smartphone unusable. So if you have any of these games installed in your smartphone uninstall it immediately.

However, Google detects 18 million malware and phishing attempts per day. But you have to believe that the net is not that tight since malware always manages to pass between its meshes. The computer security company Avast, renowned for its famous antivirus software, has just discovered the presence of 47 Android games infected with adware.

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These rogue applications still accumulate 15 million downloads, and they contain Trojans, Trojans in other words, capable of bombarding the user with pop-up advertisements. Even when the infected applications are not active. In some cases, the smartphone can become unusable; ads were completely invading the screen.

Of these 47 Android games, Google has removed 17, which means that 30 of them are still available for download from the Play Store. As Avast points out, the interface, appearance and presentation of these games have been carefully prepared, suggesting that they are essential applications.

Target children for more efficiency

To avoid raising the suspicion of vigilant users, these games target children as a priority. This young audience is not in the habit of consulting notices or obtaining information before installing. Besides, once the app is installed, it does not appear in the applications drawer, making their removal extremely difficult for an uninformed user.

Avast reminds you always to check the source of an application. Besides, a passage to the comments section avoids any unpleasant surprises. An avalanche of contrary opinions is generally a suitable warning. Here is the list of 47 infected Android games:

  • Draw Color by Number
  • Skate Board – New
  • Find Hidden Differences
  • Shoot Master
  • Stacking Guys
  • Disc Go!
  • Spot Hidden Differences
  • Dancing Run – Color Ball Run
  • Find 5 Differences
  • Joy Woodworker
  • Throw master
  • Throw into Space
  • Divide it – Cut & Slice Game
  • Tony Shoot – NEW
  • Assassin Legend
  • Flip King
  • Save your boy
  • Assassin Hunter 2020
  • Stealing Run
  • Fly Skater 2020