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9 Upcoming Netflix Animated Movies 2023

Based on the recent success of its animated films, Netflix will release 9 animated films in 2023.

When we talk about Netflix, we only think directly of TV series. But for a while, Netflix animated films, including Pinocchio, have also enjoyed success. The streaming platform wants to capitalize on this.

Upcoming Netflix Original Animated Movies 2023

In the upcoming months, nine original animated films will be released online in 2023. Check them out below. 

1) The Monkey King 

No fixed date yet, but we know that Anthony Stacchi will direct the animated film. It features a monkey with a magic stick who wants to become the strongest. But to achieve this, he must defeat several people. He must challenge 100 demons and a dragon king before reaching the throne of glory. But what about his ego? We will also remind him.

2) Nimona

Nimona is the film adaptation of ND Stevenson’s hit comic. No trailer yet, but slated for release in September 2023. It features a wrongfully accused knight that only Nimona can save. But he must also be wary of the latter since she is a shapeshifter. In the voice cast, beautiful people are called, including ChloĆ« Grace Moretz, Beck Bennett, Riz Ahmed, etc.

3) Leo

Coming in the fall of 2023, Leo is an initiatory musical. To the main character, a nearly 74-year-old lizard. He’s been stuck in an elementary school terrarium he shares with an adorable turtle for years. Deliverance is near!

4) Chicken Run: The Nugget Menace

Twenty-three years after the first film, Chicken Run is entitled to a logical sequel. So, if you haven’t watched the first movie, you still have time to catch up. With Sam Fell directing, the chickens are now happy and free to live on an island. But a new threat will soon arrive on their continent. They need to find a new home.

5) In your Dreams

This is an adventure comedy to be directed by Alex Woo. The film features Stevie and Elliot, who are complete opposites, despite being brother and sister. The two land in the world of dreams in search of the sandman who could grant their wish: to prevent their parents’ divorce. An epic journey that proves to the two that they are a formidable duo capable of accomplishing great things.

6) Saving Bikini Bottom: The Sandy Cheeks Movie

The character of SpongeBob returns to the screen in this gorgeous Netflix animation. With Sandy Cheeks, he must go to Texas to save the town of Bikini Bottom, which has just been torn from the ocean. The film will be directed by Liza Johnson, who previously worked on The Last of Us.

7) That Christmas

Based on the book of the same name by Richard Curtis, Christmas is likely scheduled for November or December 2024. The film, to be directed by Simon Otto, will highlight themes such as love, friendship, family, loneliness, etc.

8) Thelma the Unicorn

A joint work by Lynn Wang and Jared Hess, Thelma the Unicorn features a pony named Thelma. His dream is to become a superstar. It doesn’t take long to be granted. But fame comes at a price. 

9) Ultraman

A popular Japanese character inspires the anime film. It follows Ken Sato, a baseball player. When he returns to his native country, what he expects is not what he finds there. Thus, begins his quest to understand Ultraman’s true role. 

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