Use Nikon DSLR Cameras as Webcams on Windows or Mac

Use Nikon DSLR Cameras as Webcam on Windows or Mac

Nikon launches app to use DSLR cameras as a webcam on Windows and Mac

Nikon has implemented a program that turns the brand’s DSLR cameras into a webcam. Using Nikon’s new App you can use Nikon DSLR Cameras as a webcam on windows and Mac. With this milestone, the Asian company joins the group of companies that implement sophisticated based cameras that have become very popular in the era of social isolation and remote working.

The program was developed to run on computers with Windows 10 or macOS, requiring only a USB port to bridge the gap between the PC and the camera. The traditional features of an extremely competent DSLR can be used, such as a lens that blurs the background and gives more face detail to the people in the meeting.

The full list of cameras supported by the utility covers several models, ranging from the D3500, which costs an average of 449 euros, to the D5 which is worth 6,999 euros – regardless of the value of the lens, well sure.

These are the supported models:

  • Z 7II
  • Z 7
  • Z 6II
  • Z 6
  • Z 5
  • Z 50
  • D6
  • D5
  • D850
  • D810
  • D780
  • D750
  • D500
  • D7500
  • D7200
  • D5600
  • D5500
  • D5300
  • D3500

The Japanese manufacturer claims that all DSLR models released from now on can also be used as a webcam. There is no specific list of programs that can choose a Nikon as a video source. So you can watch Zoom, Meet, Teams, or Twitch meetings while playing.

In addition to Nikon, Canon has already announced the same function in April of this year. GoPro also follows this line and allows the use of different versions of the action camera as a webcam on a PC.

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