Users Discovered New Spotify App Features for free

Users Discovered New Spotify App Features for free

Deep within the Spotify app, a number of new features have been discovered that the developers are apparently working on right now. Among them, a useful feature that should especially appeal to free users of the music streaming service.

The new features were found and presented by Jane Manchun Wong, who is known to find new features by crawling the source codes of different apps. In recent days, she has discovered several new features in the application of the streaming service Spotify and unveiled them on Twitter.

New Features to be included in the Spotify App for Free


Play offline Music for 30 minutes every day

For free Spotify users, an offline feature might be of particular interest. In a future version of the app, it might be possible that non-paid listeners will also be able to access downloaded songs offline for a period of time currently limited to 30 minutes per day without internet access.

Karaoke Mode

A karaoke mode, which Wong discovered in the app, should also be very popular. As expected, it displays the lyrics of the song being played. In addition, the volume of the vocals in the song should be adjustable. It seems that this function is first available on iPhone, iPad, and also on Mac.

Saving your favorite podcast episodes

For podcast listeners on Spotify, the developers are apparently also working on being able to save specific episodes. This creates a simple list of favorites, which is useful if you want to remember a certain podcast, for example.

Auto-refresh for playlists

One feature that seems unusual at first glance is the “automatic refresh” of playlists. The exact idea of ​​this feature, which apparently can be turned on for any playlist, is so far unknown. However, the description suggests that Spotify automatically adds new songs to a given playlist and updates them regularly. Songs that you added manually will not be affected.

Jane Manchun Wong has discovered several other features of Spotify that have yet to be presented. This includes a mode for in-car use, for example, where the buttons have been enlarged for safer use while driving.

With all these clues, however, it should be noted that the features have not yet been finalized. So, Spotify may decide to change or completely remove the mentioned features.


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