Valoranta players return to Fortnite

Valoranta players return to Fortnite. 

Players who have recently abandoned their favourite games in favour of Valoranta are slowly starting to return to their original productions Fortnite. Of course, this does not apply to all players, but some of them have a problem with too much difference in-game dynamics. This process is noticeable for Fortnite players who, after a short adventure with the production of Riot Games, return to the game in Battle Royale mode.

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Valorant too fast for players

The official premiere of Valorant took place a few days ago, previously the production of Riot Games was only available to selected players. They had access to the test version of the game. The new FPS quickly gained popularity and attracted a lot of new enthusiasts. Valoranta’s debut caused many players to pass from their home games, including on the eSports scene. Despite the great success, many people decide to return to previous titles because of the dynamics of the game.

Riot Games is becoming more and more popular.

Professional esports players discussed the dynamics problems during the “The Courage & Nadeshot Show” program. They noticed that the production of Riot Games requires much more reflex and anticipation of the opponent’s moves, because the opponent may be lurking behind every corner. They also pointed out that despite the initial difficulties, after some time the game is a lot of fun, and switching from the dynamics of other games does not take much time. Valorant is still growing in strength and attracting more players. This is particularly evident in the CS: GO community, which most often changes its preferences for the production of Riot Games.