Viber messenger added new feature My Notes

Viber messenger added a new useful feature My Notes

The developers of the popular Viber messenger have added a new feature in the latest update to the My notes section, which allows you to create quick reminders. Now in My Notes, Messenger users can easily organize reminders and messages.

The developers have just explained the emergence of a new feature by the fact that due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, reminders of daily schedule and control of personal life have become much more important. At the moment, this feature is available in the Android version of the application, but soon it is expected to appear for iOS.

Creating a reminder is quite simple – just hold down the message and in the menu that appears, select “set alarm”, then, after entering information about the time and recurrence, save the alarm. My Notes also allows users to create notes about important events, manage completed tasks, and archive messages from third-party chats while keeping a link to them. In addition to this option, My Notes allows you to:

  • Make notes about tasks, events, and anything else;
  • Mark and hide completed tasks;
  • Save messages from other chats with a link to the initial dialog.

” We understand that everyone wants to maintain control over their own lives and quickly adapt to a constantly changing reality. That’s why Viber is happy to add this feature to help users organize all their messages and reminders into a single program that is both easy to use and really values ​​their privacy, ”said Ofir Eyal, Viber’s Chief Operating Officer.