Virat Kohli will return to cricket after six-month break

Virat Kohli will return to cricket after a six-month break

Virat Kohli will return to competitive cricket with a six-month break from the IPL. The tournament to be held in the United Arab Emirates will start on September 19. Earlier, Kohli officially started batting practice from yesterday. The batsman, who played for Royal Challengers Bangalore, shared his experience in the next cricket after spending the first net session.

Virat Kohli has been working on fitness at home even during the lockdown, but he is always very conscious about fitness. So Kohli had no worries about fitness, but the right-handed top-order batsman was a bit scared of batting.

Virat Kohli said, “Honestly, the practice was much better than I expected, but I was quite scared. Because I haven’t held the bat for the last 5 months. But yes, I’m really in better shape than expected. I also did training in lockdown, so there is no problem with the fitness. Fitness training at home is very useful. ”

Virat Kohli is always picky about fitness, he is not willing to give any concessions in it. That’s what helped him to maintain his consistency as the best batsman in the world, and the extra weight also had a significant psychological impact, the Royal Challengers captain said.

In this context, Virat Kohli said, “If the body is in a fresh state, you can respond well on the field. I think I have more time to watch the ball now. This is a huge advantage, otherwise if you go to start the season with excess weight, you will not be able to move properly. It will also have an emotional effect. ”


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