Volocopter Flying Taxis will be tested in France from 2021

Volocopter Flying Taxis Project will start from 2021 in France 

In the coming months, the creators of innovative transport will prepare it for flights. The first Volocopter Flying Taxis will be tested in France from June 2021. According to the regional representative, the flying taxi will be tested at the airport within 90 minutes by car from the French capital.

The test procedure is still being worked out. French and German companies implementing joint projects in France intend to become leaders in the air mobility market on the eve of the 2024 Olympic Games.

Details of the Volocopter project

A flying taxi of the German company Volocopter will be tested in Pontoise / Cormey-en-Vex. The following is known about him:

  • Number of rotors: 18 pieces;
  • Number of rechargeable batteries: 9 pieces;
  • Top speed: 110 km / h;
  • Maximum lifting height: 500 meters;
  • Flight range at a full charge: 35 km;
  • A number of passengers: 2 people.

Fabien Nestmann, CEO of Volocopter, notes that the company is working to increase the carrying capacity of flying cars. The payload of the vehicle will be 200 kg. Nestmann hopes that within 2-3 years VoloCity will be certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). After certification, the company will begin limited production of air taxis, as well as participate in the creation of special infrastructure for such vehicles.

The future of flying public transport

According to Catherine Guillaume, head of RATP, by 2030, citizens of France and possibly other European countries will be able to buy a ticket for a flying taxi online. Creating such a vehicle is just one of the problems. Guillaume notes that takeoff and landing in the urban area without special infrastructure is now impossible. The head of the RATP is also concerned that society may oppose such transport, considering it too dangerous.

Volocopter has been working on the air taxi project since 2011. The company’s management is so confident in the project that the sale of air taxi tickets in Germany has already begun. The ticket costs $355, and its holders will be able to make a 15-minute flight.

Carriage of passengers on flying vehicles before EASA certification is officially prohibited, but Volocopter is convinced that this is a temporary problem. Airbus, Hyundai, SkyDrive, and Boeing are also developing similar vehicles, so in the next 2-3 years, Volocopter will have many competitors ready to transport passengers by air taxis.


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