Walkcar a Portable Mini Electric Car Price and Details

Walkcar a Portable Mini Electric Car Price and Details

Walkcar a Portable Mini Electric Car Hits the Global Market 

The world market will soon welcome the Walkcar, a portable mini car or an electric micro scooter of Japanese origin. Cocoa Motors began to market this unusual car in Japan in June 2020. The driver controls this electric vehicle by his gestures. On the other hand, its performance is not as extraordinary as its design if we only talk about its speed of 16 km per hour and its battery which holds up to 7 km on average.

An Electric Scooter in Miniature and Portable

For five years, the company Cocoa Motors did not stop perfecting the Walkcar. Its lightweight and small size make it a compact automobile. It is only 13 inches tall and weighs 2.9 kg. It can be transported like a laptop computer. Moreover, one could confuse it with a PC or a tablet.

It can also be placed in a backpack without a problem. As for its mainframe, made from carbon and aluminum, it has four small independent suspension wheels.

The four castors of the electric micro scooter have different functions. The front ones house the engines with a power of 260 W, while the two behind serve as steering. They all allow you to move 74 mm from the ground.

And the best part is that the device follows the different inclinations of the body. Just make a movement forward to go faster, back to stop, and left or right to change direction.

Walkcar Speed

With a top speed of 16 km and a minimum speed of 10 km per hour, the Walkcar is far from a speed record . It is not made for a car race, let alone for people who have to travel long distances to get to work.

To overcome this weak point, the manufacturer has thought of putting a “walking assistance” function on the device. For this purpose, it is limited to a speed of 6 km per hour. The battery life is 7 km in economy mode. It therefore cannot go beyond 68 Wh. In addition, the vehicle is reserved for any user weighing less than 80 kg.

Basically, the Walkcar is touted as the forerunner of an unprecedented revolution in automobile manufacturing. Despite its limitations that will soon be remedied, the electric device would inspire a good number of car manufacturing industries around the world. And it could even go so far as to make cars independent.

Walkcar a Portable Mini Electric Car Price

Walkcar a portable Mini Electric Car is currently available on the French market at a price of 1,750 euros approximately $2075 US.

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