Walking Dead Series Ended the last season 11 will premiere in 2021

Walking Dead Series Ended the last season 11 will premiere in 2021

After more than 10 years of broadcasting, the legendary zombie apocalypse series The Walking Dead ends its broadcast, the last season 11 will premiere in 2021. AMC said that one of the most popular series of the last decade will end in 2021, and the eleventh season will be it’s last. However, in keeping with the subject of “living dead”, The Walking Dead brand also has a life after death.


A series that millions have loved and then forgot

The Walking Dead was a real breakthrough in the series scene. A high-budget production about a global zombie apocalypse, varied heroes, and action that became tenser and tenser with each episode. During the first seasons of The Walking Dead, almost everyone loved it.

Then it got somehow worse. Most of the old fans did not even realize that the series is still in production and they are not surprised. However, The Walking Dead continued to gather a group of the most loyal fans, and due to other productions based on the series’ brand, new fans of the zombie soap opera appeared from time to time.

The Walking Dead by Telltale Games

One of the strongest productions related to the original series was a series of games from Telltale Games studio, well-known to adventure lovers. The Californian studio has over a dozen successful productions related to television series (Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Batman). One of the best productions they made was a series of adventure games about the living dead.

The climate just poured out of them, you felt that the creators had fun creating this world and most importantly, it was not duplicating other stories from the series, but building a completely separate adventure. Thanks to such productions, the TV series gained a second breath.

The Walking Dead series Ended but rises from the grave like a zombie

The final, 11th season of The Walking Dead series will air in the second half of 2021. Season 10 is currently airing. The creators have already confirmed the information about the planned series spin-offs, which will get the most-liked characters from the world of the living dead. I am talking of course about the character of Daryl Dixon played by Norman Reedus and Carol Peletier played by Melissa McBride.

There are also rumors that the new series will also feature characters who are no longer alive in the current series. So there will be an opportunity to see your favorites again. The planned premiere of new series from The Walking Dead universe is scheduled for 2023.


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