Post-release support, story trailer, and gameplay from Watch Dogs Legion

Are you waiting for the next Watch Dogs and are interested in supporting the game after its release? The creators revealed their plans. Ubisoft studio a dozen or so days before the premiere presented the Watch Dogs Legion feature trailer. DedSec is framed, London is falling, and you will try to liberate the metropolis by building a resistance. You can learn more from the trailer and gameplay fragments below.

Watch Dogs Legion Gameplay Trailer 

What can you expect after completing the story? In post-release support, on December 3, a multiplayer mode will be added for free as part of the update. Together with three friends, you will be able to fight in the streets of London and complete various missions. You can also count on tactical operations of competition options. In PvP – Spiderbot Arena mode, four to eight players will compete against each other while controlling the spider robots.

Watch Dogs Legion Story Trailer

In 2021, you can expect support for the single-player mode, including new characters with skills, new missions, and the New Game Plus mode. The Season Pass will offer you extra DedSec missions, Watch Dogs Complete Edition, and learn more in the trailer below.

There will also be paid expansions to the story campaign – Blood Ties, including four new characters – Darcy from the modern Assassin’s Creed, Aiden Pearce – the hero of the first part of Watch Dogs, Wrench from Watch Dogs 2, and Mina, who can control the minds of other people.

Watch Dogs Legion Release Date 

Watch Dogs Legion will be released on October 29 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia, as well as on November 10 for Xbox Series X / S and November 12 for PlayStation 5.