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Watch Football Manager 2021 Game Trailer


SEGA presents a trailer with new features in Football Manager 2021

Football Manager 2021 is undoubtedly an unrivaled simulator of a football club manager on the market, and although each edition seems to be perfected, the creators surprise with new improvements every year. It will be no different in this year’s edition.

Football Manager 2021 Game Trailer

Football Manager 2021 Game Features

Features that focus mainly on the transfer market were presented in the new trailer. In Football Manager 2021, managers will be able to organize recruitment meetings with their own, as well as ask agents with questions about the possibility of employing their clients. The media will be asking questions about new acquisitions regarding their debuts in the upcoming meetings.

The video also announces new tactical features such as giving players the chance to “improve their tactics”. It’s about being able to offer players individual pre-match advice, such as stepping back deeper in defense.

Football Manager 2021 will offer managers the ability to “manage the game in more detail than ever before.” Various graphs including shots missed chances and a player activity map will help.



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