What Happens If The Fans Touch The Players During IPL 2021

What Happens If The Fans Touch The Players During IPL 2021

The 14th edition of the IPL 2021 Live Streaming is scheduled to start on April 9 and end on May 30 this year. The BCCI is confident that the series, which will last for more than 50 days, will be held without any harm to the players. The BCCI report provides information on how to deal with corona infection to all teams.


What If Fans Touch The Players During IPL 2021 Matches?

The BCCI plans to hold the series without fans so far. The BCCI has said that if the BCCI allows fans to play later, they will immediately send him off the field if any of the fans enter the field in an attempt to touch the player playing in the team.

It also said that if the fan touched the athlete, he would immediately dispose of his clothes and put them in a box so that no one could use them, and that the athlete would have to wash his hands with soap for 20 seconds. It has also announced that the player will be able to join his team only after such a wash.

The BCCI has also decided that if a fan touches a player’s cricket bat, or any equipment, the player’s equipment will be provided to the sanitized backbenchers. If the ball already goes to the sixer line and falls, it is given to the bowlers after sanitizing the ball. With this year’s IPL series just a few days away, the BCCI is imposing a series of restrictions.