Whatsapp allow users to sync their chats with other devices

Whatsapp allows users to sync their chats with other devices

WhatsApp hosts a number of features, making it easy for users to use the app. The messaging app owned by Facebook is said to allow people to use it on multiple devices. According to a rumor, Whatsapp can also allow users to sync their chats with other devices.

New WhatsApp sync feature

WhatsApp is expected to soon have the ability to sync all messages with other devices, possibly used to log into the app. This allows users to easily keep a copy of their WhatsApp data on other connected devices as well.

For this, WhatsApp will require you to stay connected to a Wi-Fi network as data transfer can be very large in number. Chat history is also expected to be encrypted. While the feature was initially tested via WhatsApp Web to sync messaging and sign in, users are expected to do the same via a smartphone accessed to the app.

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As for the ‘connected devices’ feature, WhatsApp could soon allow users to access the app on multiple devices (up to four). The feature will need a new UI for the app going on for both Android and iOS. Additionally, WhatsApp’s Connected devices feature is recommended to notify others when a particular device is removed/added to the list as the encryption keys will change.