WhatsApp deploys a tool to detect fake news

WhatsApp deploys a tool to detect fake news

Whatsapp will shortly add a new tool to detect fake news. This new tool will allow users to identify information of questionable origin through a web search. Users will thus be able to unearth additional information on the subject, in order to disentangle the true from the false.

WhatsApp is slowly but surely continuing to integrate new features. After the half-hearted success of sending free money, the instant messaging application is now focusing its efforts on combating fake news. Indeed, WhatsApp is rolling out a new tool on Tuesday, August 4 to help users detect false information.

As a reminder, the company had already acted against disinformation by limiting the transfer of messages. Now the forwarded messages are also indicated to the user, with the simple mention “Forwarded”. In other words, it suggests that the person who sent you the message is not its original author.

In addition to this useful indication, WhatsApp has therefore integrated a tool to detect fake news. The principle could not be simpler. If the user has just received a questionable message and wants more information about it, just click on the magnifying glass icon attached to the message.

Search the web to disentangle the true from the false

A web search will be launched immediately, allowing the user to unearth additional information and help him find the truth from the false. In the case of news, for example, the research will propose to the user to consult other sources, allowing him to cross-check the information and to consult other points of view.

This new feature is already available in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Ireland, Italy, and the UK on the Android, iOS, and Desk versions of the instant messaging application. We will have to take our troubles patiently concerning France, but we can bet that this tool will arrive in a short time.

With the proliferation of false information related to the Covid-19 epidemic, many platforms, applications, and services have deployed tools to fight against fake news. YouTube, for example, removed all conspiratorial videos that linked Covid-19 to 5G. As for Twitter, the social network decided in February 2020 to highlight tweets peddling fake news in orange. A good initiative that allows them to be detected very quickly.