WhatsApp launches several new features

WhatsApp launches several new features.

To celebrate the start of summer (perhaps), WhatsApp launches several new features on its PC and mobile versions. Most of them are not entirely unknown since some were in beta with a reduced number of users.

So what’re new features WhatsApp got?

First, the instant messaging application makes it easy to add contacts with a QR Code to be scanned. No more phone number to enter, just scan the QR Code to validate the addition of the contact. This functionality was already found on Facebook Messenger, for example.

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Then come the famous animated WhatsApp stickers. The integration problems were quickly resolved since the animated stickers were officially deployed on all versions of WhatsApp. Then we come to the PC version. Several months after the mobile releases, WhatsApp PC finally welcomes the dark mode! Good news for all users who no longer support white backgrounds.

Animated stickers and stories on feature phones

Also, it is now possible to enlarge a person’s image to make it appear on the big screen during a group video conversation. What brings more clarity during professional meetings where the speakers follow one another. Note also that the KaiOS version of WhatsApp, which can be found on some Nokia feature phones (classic phones limited to essential functions), now offers the possibility of sending stories.

It will take patience and courage to send your stories in T9, but the addition is always good to take for owners of feature phones. As a reminder, WhatsApp recently launched WhatsApp Pay, a solution to send and receive money without fees on WhatsApp. Deployed recently in Brazil, the service has already been suspended by the Brazilian authorities, who fear that WhatsApp Pay will “fragment the market”.