Group Admin to Delete Any Message

WhatsApp New Feature Allow Group Admin to Delete Any Message

WhatsApp New Feature Allows Group Admin to Delete Any Message

WhatsApp may be the most widely used instant messaging app in the world, but it is always evolving. New features are coming for the next update and will empower administrators. This New feature on WhatsApp will allow the Group Admin to delete any message in the conversation.

Although used by more than 2 billion people around the world, WhatsApp is not a frozen application. Meta (formerly Facebook) which is its owner keeps updating it to incorporate new features. The next version of this instant messaging application will allow group administrators to strengthen their powers to moderate their community.

What can a Group Administrator do now?

The news was spotted by WABetaInfo, not even beta testers have access to it yet. Not all features have been revealed, but the one highlighted should now allow admins to properly regulate their group. Now, they will be able to delete any message in the group conversation, regardless of the author.

As you see in this capture, as soon as the message is deleted by the administrator, all participants see an informational text instead. However, the latter will not be able to know which administrator has really removed it, if the group has several admins of course. This, therefore, gives more leeway to administrators who until then can only eject members or appoint administrators.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this new feature?

In many ways, this new feature of WhatsApp is very beneficial. It will allow administrators to better moderate groups. In particular, they can remove messages that are offensive or go against the rules of the community.

Of course, the latter could already remove the authors of these disrespectful or offending messages. However, the messages remain. The problem was therefore not often resolved. It is to correct this state of affairs that Meta is currently studying this feature.

Moreover, this power could also become abused. In groups of ideas, an admin might take nasty pleasure in removing anything that goes against their beliefs. Currently, there is no date for the deployment of this feature yet.

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