Home News Which Club is Going to Buy Messi?

Which Club is Going to Buy Messi?

Which Club is Going to Buy Messi

Which Club is Going to Buy Messi?

Argentine football star Lionel Messi has informed the club that he will no longer be with Barcelona. A source close to the club confirmed the news to AFP on Tuesday. Messi’s lawyer sent a fax to the club, in which Messi announced the termination of his contract.

The club is under contract until the end of 2021. Lionel Messi wants to leave Barcelona. In today’s news, that proved to be true. In July 2000, at the age of 13, Messi signed a contract with Barcelona. He has been an integral part of the club ever since.

But the question is, which Club is Going to Buy Messi?? Any club in the world would be interested in taking this Argentine superstar in the team. But this time the matter is complicated, in fact, very few clubs are ready to sign Messi on the official pad of the club. One of them is Manchester City.

Needless to say, Messi has had the best time of his club career under Pep Guardiola. Sergio Aguero, one of Messi’s two best friends, has played for many years in Manchester City, making him one of the most successful footballers in the club’s history.

Another dear friend Cesc Fabregas has played English football for a long time. So Messi has a high opinion of the Premier League. And one of the clubs that is able to pay Messi’s skyrocketing salary is Manchester City. Meanwhile, news came on a national television on Tuesday that Manchester United, the most successful club in English football, would also extend a hand to Messi.

Manchester United have been making mistakes in the transfer market one after another recently. Fans are now angry at the Glazer family, the current owner of United. This is a situation where the owner of this huge amount of money may have to resort to Messi to protect his image.

But one more thing to consider here is the way of life, how much will Messi’s family be able to adapt to England and Messi’s children? But Messi’s children are now studying in a British school in Barcelona. The name of Paris is heard most outside England. This time Paris Saint-Germain has been runner-up in the biggest competition of European club football. They have money and pomp, and if Messi is included in the team, the football world can see the juxtaposition of Messi and Neymar again.

But the most romantic thing for Lionel Messi would be if he went to his childhood club Newell Old Boys. It was at this club in Rosario, Argentina that Messi befriended the ball as a child. The last option may be Messi to come to Asia, Messi’s two former teammates Xavi and Iniesta are now spending time in Asia with football. Xavi is in charge of coaching in Qatar, Iniesta is in Japan.

But it is better to give up these thoughts. Messi is still playing at the highest level, he can try to win another Champions League. What has not happened in the last five years with Barcelona is with someone else. Source: BBC



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