Why Messi has decided to leave the Barcelona club

Why Messi has decided to leave the Barcelona club?

Messi was in talks with new coach Ronald Koeman before announcing the toughest decision of his career. There, Koeman said something that the Barcelona captain did not like at all. And this is why Messi has decided to leave the barcelona club.

What did Koman say? According to a report in the Spanish news agency Deportes Cuatro, Koman has warned Messi not to take advantage of him. In his words, it seemed that Messi played in Barcelona thinking only about himself and not about the team. The best player in the history of the club could not accept such a comment.

According to Deportes Cuatro, Commonwealth told Messi: “The privileges you used to get in the Barcelona squad are gone. You have to do everything for the team now. I will be inflexible in this matter. You always have to think about the club. ‘

But for a player with a team spirit like Messi, such a comment was very insulting. So Messi has announced that he will leave the team after talks with Koman. However, Koeman’s comments are not the only reason for him to leave the club. For a long time, Messi was not discussing various issues with Barcelona.

However, the news of Messi’s departure from Barcelona could not be accepted by the fans of the club. They have been protesting outside the club’s stadium Nou Camp since Messi’s press conference on Tuesday. The placards and mufflers in their hands read, “Stay Messi, resign Barthelemy.


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