Winning Strategies for IPL fantasy league 2021

6 Winning Strategies For IPL Fantasy League 2021

IPL Fantasy League 2021: Six Tactics to Win Daily

Missed out on being part of the IPL fever during the India leg of IPL 14? Not to worry, because the UAE leg of IPL 2021 has started, and you can participate in the second phase via the IPL fantasy league app to make up for the lost opportunities.

The 14th edition of the biggest T20 leagues in India is held across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. The first qualifier is scheduled for 10th October and the eliminator on 12th October. The second qualifier is scheduled for 13th October, and the final match will be hosted by Dubai on 15th October. So, you still have the chance to be a part of the UAE leg of IPL 2021.

There are certain important things to remember when you want to create your fantasy IPL team. Let’s start with the points distribution system before easing into the strategies you need to know to improve your chances of scoring the highest points on the scoreboard.

The points distribution system of the IPL fantasy league

  • Batsmen

Batters score 0.5 points for every run scored & boundary hits, 1 point for every 6 runs, 4 points for scoring 50 runs & above, 8 points for 100+ runs, and -2 points for getting dismissed for ducking.

  • Bowlers

Bowlers score 10 points for every wicket taken, excluding run-outs, 4 points for every maiden over and 4 wickets taken in a match, and 8 points for 5 wickets.

  • Fielders

Fantasy IPL league awards scores to fielders and 4 points are rewarded for every catch taken and throw that leads to run out, 2 points for every catch that leads to run out, 6 points for every direct hit resulting in run-out and every stumping.

If you have created a fantasy team and your players are in the starting X1, you will be awarded 2 points. That’s why carefully choosing your fantasy cricket team is important, and the following strategies will help you make decisions.


6 Winning Strategies for IPL fantasy league 2021

With these IPL Fantasy League 2021 tactics and strategies, you can augment your chances of scoring the highest regularly throughout the league.


  1. Assess the venue, pitch, and weather

The highest scorers of IPL fantasy leagues will tell you the secret to their high scores every day is their in-depth analysis of the weather and pitch before creating the team. It helps in analyzing which player has a match in their favor.

For instance, if the upcoming game is an afternoon match on a slow and dry pitch, you must include spinners on your team, not swing bowlers.

Studying the venue is also important as a certain pitch prefers a specific type of player while others fail to perform in a short format or a given pitch.

Pro tip: the three grounds in UAE (Sharjah Cricket Stadium, Dubai International Stadium, and Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium) are slow pitches. So, choosing spinners for your team will give you an edge.


  1. Monitor player performance

Your IPL fantasy team can consist of a maximum of seven players from a specific IPL team. You have to choose a combination of two to five bowlers, three to fix batters, one to four wicket-keepers, one to four all-rounders, and four overseas players.

Most gamers make the rookie mistake of choosing cricketers according to their popularity. But if the player cannot perform, their popularity will not help you get scores on the IPL fantasy league. So, focus on selecting players after evaluating their current performance in the recent games.

When creating a fantasy cricket team, the recent performance of the cricketers is more important than their career history. So, keep track of what’s happening on the ground by reading news and catching up on the latest injury, performance dips, etc.


  1. Be a risk-taker and select uncapped players

Most gamers select well-known cricketers with a shining cricket history and don’t even consider the uncapped players. Since uncapped players have never represented their country internationally, they’re not taken seriously. Even during the IPL auctions, these cricketers are not given a high value.

But it is these uncapped cricketers who can change the course of the game. For instance, Yuzvendra Chahal bowls and bats in the middle overs, and he is a safe bet. With uncapped players, aim only to score fifty points.

So, follow the recent achievements of the uncapped players and make your choice.


  1. Select captains and power players cautiously

To boost your points, you have to select at least one player from each category. Your team must have all-rounders who can score through batting and bowling, and it is the same with wicket-keepers who score through wicket-keeping and batting.

Next, focus on selecting a good Captain and Vice-captain. A captain of a fantasy IPL league team receives 2x points while the Vice-captain gets 1.5x points. If you pick two of the strongest players as your captain and deputy captain, nobody can defeat your team.


  1. Don’t stop at creating one team, but form multiple teams

A great fantasy IPL league strategy is to form multiple teams to increase your chances of scoring the highest points. Even if you lose one contest, you have the chance of winning another contest with another team. So, don’t stop at creating one team.


  1. Track squad changes and toss updates

What makes the fantasy IPL league so interesting is the ability to make changes to your team after the toss. It means you have to follow the match closely and notice if any changes have been made to the playing X1 after the toss. You can form your virtual cricket team based on the toss results, pitch conditions, etc.

So, without further ado, take part in the frenzy and excitement of IPL 2021 through your mobile devices. By downloading the fantasy cricket app, you don’t have to travel to the UAE to cheer for your favorite teams. You can do it from your couch.



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