Wooden Watch a Trendy Gift Idea for Christmas

Wooden Watch a Trendy Gift Idea for Christmas

Wooden watch a trendy gift idea for Christmas 2020

Each year, as the Christmas holidays approach, the race for gifts requires us to rack our brains to find the perfect presents to offer to those around us. If giving pleasure is above all the goal of this time of the year, it must be admitted that stress is inseparable when you do not know which gift will make the eyes of the person to whom you intend it shine.

To win the unanimity of your loved ones while being sure to offer an original, elegant and above all useful gift, the wooden watch is a must this year. If you were still wondering about this trendy and rather green accessory, here are the answers that will encourage you to direct your choice of gift towards this jewel.

The wooden watch: a gift idea in step with time for Christmas 2020

Hype, elegant, modern, but also a little rustic with a touch of chic, the wooden watch has qualifiers that are difficult to define. With its allure which denotes hyper-connected accessories with fashion without being has-been, it is disconcerting in its originality. It is in fact a pure condensed of style in an explosion of looks that are declined to infinity by leaving room for the authenticity to satisfy the tastes of each one.

The wooden watch, a real collector’s item, is an ideal gift idea to give to your loved ones for this Christmas. If this trend has already registered its letters of nobility in the landscape of the favorite accessories of nature lovers, it is now more distinguished with models for men and women who rock.

With wood species that leave room for the most varied hues, time which patina the wood grain making it smoother and a cutting-edge mechanism, the models of wooden watches from the Nordic Wood brand have all of the high-end fashion accessories.

Square, round, oval, lighter or more tinted, in mahogany, maple, bamboo, or even in sandalwood, automatic or Quartz, the wooden watch leaves no room for a chance to highlight its owner.

The authenticity of a natural look

If style and practicality remain the two main reasons for wearing them, watches now impose their character by focusing on an eco-friendly touch. Designed in exceptional quality and resistant wood, they allow the most fragile skins to sublimate themselves with a bracelet in natural material without the risk of contracting an allergy.

Wooden watches allow various styles to be adopted depending on their design. From the retro bracelet with a masculine and sober look to the elegant curves with finesse more suited to female wrists, you will find the perfect gift for each of your loved ones.

The wooden chronophages also play on the mixed look touch by combining the chic of the leather, for the bracelet, with the sparkling steel of the dial for a surprisingly doped effect from first glance.

Perfectly consistent in their approach that is both fashion and ecological, wooden watches are a jewel committed to reducing the environmental footprint through natural, noble, and sustainable materials, but always to please above all.

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