Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Price and Pre-Sale Date

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Price and Pre-Sale Date

The cards are slowly revealed. Although Sony has not yet begun to reveal information about the sale of PlayStation 5, Microsoft has just announced when the Xbox Series X and Series S will go to pre-sale and the Price of Xbox.

The war between Xbox and PlayStation continues

The premiere of new generation consoles is a period that always arouses great interest. From differences in specifications, through differences in the game library, to marketing activities. The fight for the customer is extremely fierce, and this year’s premieres of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles arouse special emotions due to the differences in the marketing approach of Microsoft and Sony.

The American company founded by Bill Gates tries to play open cards with its fans. They quickly informed about the technical specifications of the console, quickly presented the biggest titles that players will have the opportunity to sit down to when the console launches (unfortunately, the start of the Xbox will not be too strong) and they quickly announced the date when the console will hit the store shelves, and now provided information on the price of the device.

What’s more, in this duel, Microsoft is working on the image of the company that stands behind the players. Xbox authorities are openly opposed to the exclusive games policy for which PlayStation and Sony are famous. Xbox has been supporting backward compatibility for years, which is also an important aspect among players.

On the other hand, we have the Japanese giant Sony, which, according to players, probably matters a little less. Until today, apart from the specifications, the appearance of the console, and the games that will come out, we know nothing about PlayStation 5. The official release date is still unknown (it is speculated that it will be around Christmas) and the price we will pay for the console. It is true that recently there has been information about backward compatibility on PS5, but it will only apply to the production of PlayStation 4.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S price and Pre-Sale date

Both the Xbox Series X and Series S will debut on the market in November. This information was confirmed over a month ago at one of the press conferences, during which one of the journalists asked about it without conviction and received a positive response from the company’s management. Now we know that the official pre-sale will go to Microsoft’s console on November 10 and will be available in two price variants.

The Xbox Series S is the cheaper version of the console. It is devoid of an optical drive (which will prevent the purchase of second-hand games), it will have a weaker graphics chip than the Series X, the cheaper version will allow you to play at 60 frames per second, in Full HD resolution, but without raytracing. It will cost $ 299. For the equipment of this class, it must be admitted that it is a fair and fully understandable price.

The Xbox Series X will be almost half the price, but it will also be significantly stronger than the cheaper next-generation console from Microsoft. X will be equipped with a graphics chip that allows you to play at 60 frames per second in 4K resolution. The console will also have an optical drive, so in this case, playing second-hand productions will be possible.

Xbox for subscription

Both consoles will also be available in a subscription plan in selected regions of the world. We do not know the full list of countries in which the program will operate yet, but Microsoft announced that this list will be significantly expanded compared to previous years. As part of the program, we will be able to get an Xbox Series S console for $ 25 a month (Xbox Game Pass included) or an Xbox Series X for $ 35 a month (also with Game Pass). The developers also presented the official look of a cheaper console, it looks much more compact and friendly.