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Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Features that you Did not Know

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Features Probably you Didn’t Know

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 fitness tracker was released in June 2020, but not everyone knows what innovations the novelty has acquired. Xiaomi fitness bracelets have always pleased with an affordable price and a good set of features, the 5th generation model is no exception. Here below we have mentioned the four features of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 that are unknown to you.

4 Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Unknown Features 


1. Contactless payment for purchases

In the fifth generation, there is a version with the NFC module, so the smart tracker can be used for contactless payment for purchases in stores or for travel in transport. It is enough to enter the card data in a special application, set up payments, and bring a smartwatch to the terminal every time you need to pay for something. It’s as simple as with a smartphone.

2. Round-the-clock sleep monitoring

If the Mi Band 4 generation monitored the quality of sleep only at night (which is logical when everyone is asleep), the fitness tracker of the 5th series has learned to monitor sleep during the day.

Maybe someone works a night shift, comes home from work and goes to rest, well, or just went to bed during the day because he did not sleep at night. This feature will definitely come in handy. And the novelty analyzes statistics of data for days, dividing a dream into phases: deep, short-term, easy.

3. Track stress levels

Xiaomi Mi Band has PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) technology. It is designed to track vital signs and determine stress levels. If you are in a stressful situation due to emotional shock or physical exertion, the tracker will report it and advise you to relax, distract, meditate. Sometimes Xiaomi Mi Band 5 offers to do breathing exercises or take a walk in the fresh air.

4. Control of smartphone functions

Mi Band 5 can remotely control phone functions, such as a smartphone camera. You press the shutter button remotely – and you get a picture. From the tracker, you can start playing music, pause the track or turn on the next song.

Want to lock your phone? Just turn on the “do not disturb” mode through the fitness tracker. You can also use the Mi Band 5 to set an alarm, turn on a timer or stopwatch. Mi Band 5 is also able to receive incoming calls and messages.

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