Xiaomi Mi Watch Price and Release Date

Xiaomi Mi Watch Price, Specifications and Release Date

Xiaomi’s product range includes many affordable wearable accessories, such as the Mi Smart Band 5, the only problem is that it was launched exclusively in China. Well, the good news is that this will change as their new smartwatch, the Xiaomi Mi Watch will be released globally.

Xiaomi Mi Watch

The watch was first unveiled at the Mi 10T Series premiere. Importantly, another product with the same name was launched next to Note 10, which will only be available in China.

Design & Display

The Xiaomi Mi Watch has been given a circular design with two buttons on the right, paired with a thick strap. It will be available in a variety of colors, including black, beige, yellow, red, orange, and green.

Depending on the region, the colors that will be available may vary. The AMOLED display will be 1.39 ”, slightly curved, without a handle, and with a resolution of 434 x 434. In appearance, it most closely resembles an Oppo watch.


The Xiaomi Mi Watch has 117 training modes, so in addition to the usual opportunities such as running, walking, and cycling, we will also come across less common sports.

The watch has a built-in GPS and six different health sensors such as blood oxygen (SpO2) and heart rate monitor.

Xiaomi maintains the attention of prying eyes around the clock as they have not revealed all the details about the fitness features.

What we still know for sure is that the watch will be waterproof (5 ATM) so it can also be used for swimming, it will have a 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer.


Perhaps the biggest mystery about the new smartwatch is the software, which has not been made public to date.

Xiaomi only used MIUI for its Chinese-made watches, so maybe this software will run on the watch as well.

Other options include Wear OS from Google or possibly a program running on Amazfit devices. (Amazfit stuff is marketed by Huami, which is also owned by Xiaomi)

According to published data, a super small device will be placed on store shelves. You will be able to choose from more than 100 hours of dials, the device will be able to remotely control the phone’s camera, support the use of emojis in notifications, and we will also be able to operate it with voice control.

In terms of battery life, Xiaomi says the Mi Watch can be used for up to 16 days on a single charge (420 mAh battery), indicating exceptionally good uptime. It only takes 2 hours to fully charge.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Price and Release Date

The price of the Xiaomi Mi Watch is 100 euros around 25,000 PKR. The watch was released on 13 October 2020 in Europe and for the rest of the world.

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