Xiaomi Underwear Sterilization Miaomiao Underwear Disinfection

Xiaomi Miaomiao Underwear Disinfection Machine

Family members’ personal clothing, belongings, and baby items should be sterilized from time to time. Xiaomi on the Youpin platform has released the Miaomiao underwear disinfection machine. It does triple disinfection and its wall mount does not involve drilling holes in the wall, and the cost of the mains-powered version is 599 yuan ($ 87), while the battery version is asking for 699 yuan ($ 102).

The sterilizer for underwear is relatively small, 31 cm in diameter, 14 cm thick, 6 liters in volume, and 1.6 kg in weight. It uses a no-hole wall mounting method, which is space-saving and easy to use.

Xiaomi  laundry sterilization machine

Miaomiaosi underwear disinfection machine adopts triple ultraviolet disinfection, ozone and pasteurization methods, and sterilization is more comprehensive. It can kill 99.99% of bacteria in the following time:

  • 5-minute quick sterilization;
  • 15-minute standard sterilization mode;
  • 30-minute deep sterilization regime;
  • 90-minute high-temperature sterilization mode.

Miaomiaosi Lingerie Disinfection Machine has a unique design. It can be turned on with one button. In addition to the disinfection chamber, it also has a separate storage area for sanitary napkins and napkins, which can be taken at any time.

The storage space for sanitary napkins is complemented by a touch screen that displays the remaining amount of napkins and reminds you to replenish supplies.