Xiaomi Mijia Bullet Thermos Price and Details

Xiaomi released an affordable Mijia Bullet thermos with a Unique Feature 

A new product has appeared in the depths of the wide range of the Xiaomi Youpin online platform the Xiaomi Mijia Bullet Thermos thermos. In fact, it became the predecessor of a similar product Bullet Thermos, which has been on sale since August 2020. Now consumers are offered an updated version.

Xiaomi Mijia Bullet Thermos Features 

By and large, only a few design elements have undergone changes. They affected the usability, albeit at the expense of weight and capacity. In comparison with the first version, the new Mijia Bullet thermos weighs 225 grams versus 215 of its predecessor. In terms of volume, the flask used to hold 500 ml, and now 480 ml.

Despite the changes in characteristics with a minus sign, the new cover design is a plus. Now a special mechanism allows you to easily open the thermos with one finger and holding it in the same hand. In the early model, such a “feint” was difficult to pull off.

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The body itself is made of stainless steel 316L using laser welding. The temperature is kept by the inner layer of a special alloy of copper, capable of providing 6 hours of heat or cold preservation to sufficiently acceptable parameters. For example, when filled with liquid at 95 ° C in 6 hours, the temperature will drop to 68 ° C.

Xiaomi Mijia Bullet Thermos Price

You can buy Xiaomi Mijia Bullet Thermos at a price of $15 about 12 euros from Xiaomi Youpin online platform.


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