Xiaomi smart water dispenser for pets

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Pet Water Dispenser

Xiaomi has released a new Xiaomi Smart Water Dispenser for Pets

Xiaomi continues to take care of pets with more and more products that make life easier for pets. This time, a smart water dispenser called Xiaomi Mijia Smart Pet Water Dispenser is presented.

The device is made exclusively of materials that are safe for the life and health of animals. The dispenser uses a 4-fold filtration system to capture not only hair, but also small particles, including chlorine, calcium, and magnesium ions. The pet receives completely purified and soft water.

The Xiaomi Smart Water Dispenser uses a special patented design that allows you to easily replenish the water supply or clean the container. The device connects to the smartphone via the Mijia application, in which the owner receives notifications that it is time to top up the water or change the filter.

Xiaomi Smart Pet Water Dispenser Price and Availability 

The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Pet Water Dispenser costs $25. Sales will begin on September 25th.

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