Xiaomi MIJIA T-Shirt That Measures Heart Rate

Xiaomi MIJIA T-Shirt That Measures Heart Rate

Xiaomi has launched the MIJIA Sports ECG T-Shirt, the novelty has an ECG sensor that captures the heartbeat and measures a person’s heart rate during exercise.

The Chinese corporation has released a smart T-shirt MIJIA Sports ECG T-Shirt with a built-in ECG sensor. Now athletes will be able to build a balanced workout: reduce the load or, conversely, add pace. The LED indicator on the sensor shows the load level. The color changes with the heart rate, so the athlete is easy to navigate.

The creators claim that the sensors they have provided for the T-shirt are much more accurate than those used in fitness bracelets and “smart” watches.


Xiaomi MIJIA T-Shirt Price 

The tight-fitting T-shirt is made of elastic polymer, it emphasizes muscles and does not restrict movement. The MIJIA Sports ECG T-Shirt sells in China for 299 yuan about $43.