Xiaomi New Medical Protective Face Masks

Xiaomi New Medical Protective Face Mask

Xiaomi will announce a new Medical Protective face mask on October 13, 2020

Xiaomi, like many tech giants, has also found its place in the medical field. The company has already produced many medical products. On October 13, Xiaomi India plans to expand the Mi Lifestyle product line with a new medical protective face mask.

In the official Twitter account of Xiaomi’s India division, the company placed a message alluding to the appearance of a medical protective mask.

In January 2019, the company launched Mi AirPOP PM2.5, a face mask that protects against polluted air, which is now impossible to find on sale. Also, the Mi AirPOP PM2.5 mask does not protect against the famous coronavirus, so there is a chance that the new mask will meet the usual KN95 standard. As you can understand, there is no other information at this time.

The pandemic has dramatically changed the direction of the development of various technology companies. Several manufacturers have made remarkable entries into the mask sector. Apple now develops and manufactures its own masks for its employees, and LG announced the release of a smart, rechargeable mask last August at the IFA 2020 exhibition. However, Xiaomi has been producing masks for over four years.

In China, where we know there are big problems with the polluted atmosphere in several cities, the company offers different masks for adults and children.




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