Xiaomi Opple Wireless Doorbell Price and Features

Xiaomi released an affordable Opple Wireless Doorbell with a unique feature

A new lot has appeared on the online platform for collective financing and the sale of Xiaomi Youpin IT products the Opple Wireless Doorbell. Moreover, a very interesting solution for a power source as a replacement for batteries.

Xiaomi Wireless Doorbell Features

In principle, the Chinese did not come up with anything from the category of know-how. The external bell button is powered by kinetic energy or rather converted into electrical energy. One push generates enough energy to transmit a signal. For this, the designers also placed an antenna inside the external block, operating at a distance of up to 80 meters in the line of sight. In a residential environment, the same process is feasible within 30 meters.

When the signal arrives at the indoor unit, the bell will play one of 36 polyphonic melodies, which the user personally chooses. Plus, on the volume scale, you will have to choose one of five levels. What is important is the presence of a silent mode. In the latter case, only the LED will signal the call.

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Among other things, if the power supply of the indoor unit unexpectedly turns off, all the previously set settings will be saved. By the way, the manufacturer recommends using the bell not only for its intended purpose. For example, a button can be installed in a child’s room and does not miss the moment when he needs attention.

Xiaomi Opple Wireless Doorbell Price

Xiaomi launches the OPPLE a Self-powered Wireless Doorbell at a price of $8. This new Xiaomi Doorbell works without batteries.