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You can find your smartphone even if it’s offline

You can find your smartphone even if it's offline

You can find your smartphone even if it’s offline

Samsung has given the Find My Mobile application a very practical new feature the ability to track your smartphone, even when it is offline. To do this, the manufacturer relies on other nearby Galaxy smartphones to relay the signal.

For several years now, Samsung has been offering the Find My Mobile application on its smartphones. Thanks to it, a user can remotely track the location of his mobile phone, in the event of theft or loss. However, the possibilities are limited since the geolocation of the device only works if it is connected to a Wi-Fi network or if the mobile data is activated.

All it takes is for the smartphone to be offline or for the thief to access the laptop and put it in airplane mode to destroy the chances of finding the device. However, we learn this Tuesday, August 25, 2020, that Samsung has endowed Find My Mobile with new functionality. Indeed, it is now possible to trace the position of a smartphone, even if it is offline.

A network via the Galaxy armada

To do this, Samsung relies on Galaxy smartphones present near the lost or stolen device. The lost smartphone will send a signal that other devices will receive and relay in turn. Via this system, a relatively precise mesh will be formed to display the location of the smartphone.

To benefit from it, you must update your device, as well as the application. Note that the MAJ is being deployed in the United States and that it should arrive shortly in France. Then, you will have to go to the settings of your smartphone, to activate the “ Offline Finding” option, translate “Offline geolocation”.

It should also be clarified that Samsung will notify users of the arrival of this new feature via a notification. So stay tuned.

Samsung takes inspiration from Apple

In any case, this is an excellent feature, which has already been found for a few years on Apple iPhones. Indeed, the technology is not new, and Samsung has only taken inspiration from the work of its main competitor. Anyway, this very useful feature extends the possibilities offered by Finding My Mobile.

As a reminder, the application certainly allows you to locate your smartphone, but not only. Directly on the web version of the app, the user can choose to lock their device remotely, or to retrieve all their messages or to erase all of the data presents.

And if you have lost it in your gigantic 250 m² T8, it is also possible to ring your smartphone remotely to get your hands on it quickly (the device comes out of silent mode thanks to this system). And you, have the Find My Mobile application ever helped you find your smartphone? Tell us about your experience in the comments.



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