YouTube Channels for Learning English

15 YouTube Channels for Learning English

YouTube Channels for Learning English. Teaching English is popular like never before and if you are already ripe for paid education, see our selection of the best online English schools.


15 YouTube Channels for learning English


1. Bob the Canadian

One of the most popular YouTube channels for learning English. Bob is a school teacher from Toronto, Canada who lives on a farm with his family. A few years ago, Bob started his channel for entertainment, but over the years it has become a huge success.

Bob’s channel is great for learning everyday English. Bob takes his followers to places ranging from hotels to hardware stores. His accent is very clear and easy to understand, but he also subtitles his videos so they are suitable for all levels.


2. FluentU English

FluentU English is great because it uses real-world topics to teach English, which means it’s great for learning practical English. If you want to learn English with your favorite actor, great! FluentU has tons of resources to help you with this. Each of these videos is broken down into sections, with English grammar and vocabulary thoroughly explained.


3. BBC Learning English

If learning British is your goal, look no further. The BBC adds new content to its Youtube channel every day in a variety of formats, so it’s never boring here. You may also be interested in using the BBC News Review feature, which translates news into more colloquial English.

The BBC has a potential advantage over other channels as each video is created by a whole team of experts rather than one or two dedicated YouTubers.


4. Rachel’s English

On the other hand, if you prefer to learn American English, then Rachel’s English is a great place to start. On her channel, Rachel uses famous American movies and TV series to teach everyday vocabulary.

Perhaps Rachel’s specialty is teaching pronunciation. Since Rachel is a classical singer herself, she is very good at explaining exactly how to position the lips and tongue to achieve the right pronunciation.


5. VOA English

Another great channel for those interested in American English. VOA offers a wide range of different lessons. These lessons cover vocabulary, grammar as well as conversational idioms. In these classes, English teachers read the news in slow motion with subtitles to help people with low proficiency keep track of events.

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6. Veritasium

For those who prefer a more academic focus, this channel is for you. Host Derek Muller offers very clear pronunciation at a slow pace. Although the videos contain very academic English, the tone is light and conversational.


7. Speak English With Vanessa

Another American on this list. Vanessa is great because she makes learning English fun! This channel should appeal to those who are particularly interested in improving their spoken English.


8. Pronunciation With Emma

An excellent channel for those who have difficulty with pronunciation. Emma is from York, so the channel is great for those who would like to learn English pronunciation.


9. English With Lucy

Lucy Earl is a professional English teacher and vlogger who also runs the English With Lucy Youtube channel. On Lucy’s channel you will find great tips on how to pronounce words like a native speaker, idioms and how to improve your fluency. Lucy also subtitles all of her videos, which means they are suitable for all levels.


10. English Addict With Mr Duncan

One of the oldest channels on this list, Mr. Duncan has been giving Youtube lessons for over 10 years. This channel is great for anyone who wants to learn how to speak “Queen’s English” as Duncan has an upper class English accent.

Mr. Duncan covers everything from idioms to grammar to colloquial vocabulary in his hour-long free live streams, which he hosts three times a week. Live broadcasts are great because Mr. Duncan can answer questions in real time.


11. LinguaMarina

This channel is interesting because it is hosted by a non-native English speaker! Yes, that’s right, Marina was born and raised in Russia and moved to the US in 2015. These videos are especially helpful for business English learners as this is the topic Marina likes to talk about in her videos.


12. Easy English

The Easy English channel is an effective tool for beginners to learn English. The content of this channel can be useful for learning English in practice. While there aren’t many tutorials on this channel, the interactivity of the video is quite enjoyable for users as it allows them to stay attentive and not be distracted by video responses.

Each Easy English video is a real conversation and interaction with native English speakers in real life situations. Ordinary people interactively take interviews on the streets and ask everyday questions about their day or events in their lives.

This interaction will allow users to learn the correct pronunciation of many English words in real time and help them get used to hearing and understanding the language spoken by different people in different parts of the world.


13. Jennifer ESL

The Jennifer ESL channel is elusive in its method of learning English and helps users to correctly perceive correct pronunciations and their application. Jennifer, the main character of this channel, is a kind of English teacher with whom every user can find very interactive communication and learning.

Jennifer is a very patient, correct and knowledgeable teacher. She shares her knowledge of American English and regularly creates lessons and instructions on her channel that can be grouped into easy-to-follow, comprehensive video streams.

Her lessons cover all the essential elements of language learning and skills such as listening, speaking, reading, writing techniques, improving grammar, expanding vocabulary, working on pronunciation and a great description of American culture. Users also get the chance to learn alongside her geeks, making viewers feel like they’re in a classroom.


14. British Council Learn English Kids

This channel provides a fun and informative approach to language understanding for kids. The videos are released in a variety of formats, allowing users to find relatively simple “How to” content, including “How to make popcorn”.

The peculiarity of this channel is that all videos are created by children. They include animated nursery rhymes, songs and stories suitable for younger children. Therefore, regardless of the age of users, if they are trying to understand the language, they need to listen and just sing along to nursery rhymes in an English background. They can help listeners strengthen memory and improve retention.


15. Business English Pod

This channel provides one of the most powerful language tools for the production environment. It produces content and videos that help users improve their English in offices and meetings.

It also informs viewers about the language etiquette and tones to be observed while in workplaces or official establishments. They help students to distinguish between everyday speech and formal speech. The videos posted on this channel help viewers understand how the complex use of language in the workplace is simplified.


Final Words

I hope this list has been helpful to you, take a look for yourself and find out which channels you enjoy the most!


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