ZTE Axon A20 5G with an under-screen front camera

Earlier this week, we learned that ZTE would announce a new smartphone: the ZTE Axon A20 5G. ZTE Axon A20 5G smartphone that could possibly be the world’s first 5G smartphone with an under-screen front camera. The company has shared a teaser video that gives us a clue as to what the phone might look like.

A perfectly uniform screen and not cluttered by the front camera

In the 15-second teaser video, it shows a smartphone without a notch, a punched-out cutout, or a sliding camera. Instead, we saw a gorgeous smartphone display unencumbered by these camera integration solutions. However, the teaser does not disclose the specifications of the phone. But we have some information.

A mid-range chipset capable of supporting 5G technology

The ZTE Axon A20 5G is expected to be powered by Qualcomm’s mid-range Snapdragon 765G chipset. This means that a mid-range phone will benefit from this feature before all flagships. Note also that with the use of the Snapdragon 765G, it will be able to integrate 5G. The screen of the phone would be 6.92 inches and sport 1080p resolution, the front camera would be 32MP.

The specs seem pretty standard and aren’t particularly interesting. What’s really interesting is the under-screen camera. Previously, some smartphone makers said there were certain technological hurdles for an under-screen camera. So it will be interesting to see if ZTE has managed to accomplish what other brands have not.


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