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10 Interesting Facts about Dolphins

10 Interesting Facts about Dolphins

Dolphins are mammals, belonging to the phylum Chordata and the order cetaceans. They live in the aquatic environment and are distributed in almost all marine environments on the planet, except the poles. Dolphins are considered super smart, playful, friendly, docile, interactive, and fun, this animal wins the heart of anyone not only for its appearance but also for the friendship and affection it shows. Here below you will find some of the most interesting and shocking facts about dolphins that you never know.


1. Contrary to what happens with most animals in nature, dolphins usually accompany their young for a long period that can vary from 3 to 8 years.


2. They are animals with slender bodies and fine beaks. The dorsal region is dark and the belly is light. Their sharp teeth can range from 80 to 120 pairs. Your vision has a range of 300 degrees. During the sleep of these animals, half of the brain is active and the other half rests. This is so that the animal continues to breathe and does not die “drowned”.


3. With the extinction of the dinosaurs, mammals began to look for new habitats in search of food. In this process, land animals that lived in the estuary of the Tethys Sea, close to the current Mediterranean Sea, began to venture into the water, evolving into the current cetaceans, divided into Mysticetes, true whales, Odontocetes, toothed cetaceans. Among the Odontocetes are the sperm whale, the orca, and the dolphins.


4. Dolphins have two stomachs, one is used for food storage and the other for digestion. This physiological constitution can be explained by the fact that they do not chew the food, but swallow it whole. The teeth are only used to catch their prey, which is mostly small fish and squid.


5. Dolphins can be oceanic, like the spinner; coastal, such as the flipper; or freshwater, when they are called porpoises, such as the pink dolphin.


6. Despite being widely seen on the surface, these mammals can reach depths of up to 300 meters. In addition, they can swim at a speed of 4 to 11 kilometers per hour. Some exceed this limit and even reach a speed of 30 kilometers per hour.


7. The most common dolphin to be found in Brazil is the Sotália, known as the gray dolphin for entering rivers and estuaries. He is the dolphin seen in the channel of Florianópolis, Cananéia, Baía de Sepetiba, Baía de Todos os Santos and Pipa.


8. You may have heard some heroic dolphin stories, but it was not an isolated case. This mammal has the instinct to help those in need, especially when the sick or injured are part of its group. They love to play and are friendly even with humans.


9. The sound emitted by dolphins is produced in the respiratory channels, when the air passes under strong pressure, they emit sounds at different frequencies. Like pops, clicks, and whistles. These sounds are used both in communication and in echolocation, which works as an underwater radar.


10. Dolphins have very delicate skin, which makes them easily injured. Any touch on a harder surface already causes a superficial cut. However, their healing is extremely fast, which makes them heal in a short time.



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