10 Tips for Zero Waste Christmas Holidays Parties

10 Tips for Zero Waste Christmas Holidays Parties

The Christmas holidays are usually the time of year when we produce more waste. Let’s make these holidays memorable by celebrating Zero Waste Christmas in an Eco-Friendly way.

Tips To Celebrate Zero Waste Christmas

This season why not be more responsible and put yourself in green mode? Here are 10 tips to make your Christmas a memorable holiday with a zero-waste party from which you won’t keep any trash.

1. A Natural Table Decoration

The table decoration on New Year’s Eve is one of the most important things. At Christmas, the whole family will be gathered around dinner and it is important that your festive dishes are well presented.

For magnificent table decoration, you will opt this year for natural materials: wood for a centerpiece, pebbles to place your cutlery, or even tree branches to create a large-scale floral decoration.

You can organize yourself by involving your children who will certainly be delighted to create decorative objects with their little hands.

And if you want to take the natural decor even further, you can also choose to embellish your table with seasonal fruits and vegetables that you can then taste.

2. Gourmet Garlands

This idea will undoubtedly be the one that will appeal the most to those around you. If you have cookie cutters with particular shapes, you can make beautiful shortbread cookies that you will then thread one after the other on a string.

The process is very simple and will be an ideal activity to do with the family for creative moments. You can also alternate with colored candies and chocolates to make even more gourmet.

The advantage is that you can taste these delicious treats during New Year’s Eve and make all your loved ones happy.

3. Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree

Buying a Christmas tree every year is not green. And if in addition the latter travels for miles before landing in your living room, it’s a safe bet that it will have polluted a lot on its way.

To give another dimension to Christmas this year, making your own tree will be the start of awareness. You can perfectly create a composition from dried branches or make yourself a wooden structure on which you have balls and garlands and give the change.

4. Used Gifts

Shopping around second-hand shops to find the perfect gift to give is something of a treasure hunt.

In addition to being able to unearth objects of exceptional rarity, you will especially spend much less than a standard gift spotted in a radius of your usual supermarket.

If you are keen on making an impression, you may also want to consider making the gifts you are going to give yourself.

Jams, scented candles, jars of homemade marinades, personalized objects, you will be able to impress your loved ones in addition to offering objects with important sentimental value because they were created by you.

5. Plants for a Green Atmosphere

For a perfectly green Christmas, what could be more natural than greenery? A branch of ivy here, some moss to embellish your table, but also pots of your indoor plants to make their contribution. Your decoration can take all the forms you want if you let your imagination take you. guide.

The vegetal decoration brings freshness, conviviality, and authenticity. Whether on your table or in the corners of your house, you can also make it brighter by sliding between the branches of garlands to illuminate.

6. Recycled Gift Wrap

If you have a stack of newspapers lying around in the corner and you don’t know what to do with them, these will be great for wrapping any gifts you want for loved ones.

An original way to recycle paper that you will not use, but also to make those around you responsible for the excessive production of waste during the Christmas holidays.

What if gift wrap became gift fabric for this year? You can use scraps that you already have in your cupboards or buy them in specialty shops to give that extra something to your Christmas.

7. Home Decor in Every Way

To make a home decor that is out of the ordinary, you can absolutely use everything around you.

From socks without sidekicks to makeshift jars and citrus garlands, everything is good to embellish your interior and give originality that you will be sure not to find elsewhere.

All you need to do is bring some string and collect the orange and lemon peels that you will dry before you can put them on.

In addition to being a perfectly natural decoration, you will also benefit from the good smell that will emanate from your garlands.

8. Patched up Branch Wreaths

Synthetics have the advantage of lasting, but why not dare to go natural by recycling the tree branches that dot your garden? To show originality, you just need to provide yourself with a hanger to which you will give a circular shape.

You can then roll up all kinds of plants and branches like cypress or eucalyptus. Let your imagination run wild by adding white flowers or LED lamps that will add a magical touch to your creation.

9. Refurbished Candles

Making homemade candles is a unique opportunity to find the ideal formula that will personalize your interior. To achieve this, all you need to do is provide yourself with containers that you can also decorate as you wish.

You can stock up on wax in pastilles or why not collect scraps of candles lying around at home and melt them in a double boiler?

The candle wicks are easily found and you can opt for an eco-friendly model to go through with your process. You will flavor your candles with the essential oil of your choice and even slip a few drops of food coloring into them to make them more colorful.

10. A Forward Calendar

Exit for this year the tradition of the advent calendar that you will enjoy over the days while wisely awaiting Christmas. To make it even better, the idea of ​​the reversed calendar will be a good way to fight against waste while thinking of others.

Go around your closets and look for clothes you no longer wear, items you no longer use, and anything else you might gift to others who will need them.

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