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8 Best Christmas Box Ideas in 2020 for Christmas Gifts and Presents

8 Best Christmas Box Ideas in 2020: Best Christmas Boxes to pack Gifts and Presents 

Sometimes it is difficult to find the perfect gift, even for our loved ones. This is why we are giving the 8 best Christmas box ideas to follow in 2020 to pack the gifts and presents. In addition to saving a lot of time, you will make people happy on Christmas Day. What’s more, there is a wide choice of boxes available for the whole family, even for small budgets. Let’s go!


8 Best Christmas Eve Box Ideas in 2020


1. Christmas wellness boxes

Because there is never a good time to take care of yourself, Christmas is an excuse to seize to please and offer a moment of sweetness to those you love. A small selection of wellness boxes to put under the tree.

The Yoga Box, ideal for relaxing and finding your inner “me”. Novice or not, it contains organic and zen surprises. A good way to discover or rediscover yoga. From € 29.90 / month.

Beautiful au naturel, a box that combines beauty and well-being. Organic and natural products while taking care of your body and the environment, available for all budgets.

2. Sports boxes

No one is left behind. From now on, boxes open up a lot of universes and everyone can find what they are looking for. If one of your loved ones plays sports or wishes to practice one, these sports boxes are made for them.

My Fitbox contains fitness-related surprises. Clothing, accessories, food products, and advice are possible depending on the box chosen.

My trail box, a gift suitable for trail runners. Trail running takes place in the boxes to the delight of practitioners. Products throughout the seasons to continue running all year round without any problem.

3. Children’s Christmas boxes

Do you want an original gift for your child, who changes toys? We are telling you about two sites (among many others), which prepare fun boxes to allow your children to be amazed.

Buy the box of the imaginary workshop

Mademoiselle Confettis is specially designed for little girls from 6 to 12 years old. Very girly and eco-responsible products, girls are sure to find what they are looking for with accessories, cosmetics, and sweets, abox is full of surprises.

4. The kawaii boxes

There is no age when it comes to becoming a kawaii addict! These cute things that we never part with once in our life are embedded in all kawaii boxes:

My Kawaii Market, an online store that provides one-time purchase boxes (non-monthly boxes). These are themed boxes containing many products (beauty, stationery, etc.).

Bubble powder puts magic bubbles in your home. Monthly box, you will find everything to satisfy your kawaii addict.

5. Animal Christmas boxes

Animals are full members of our life. Why not treat them at Christmas too? Boxes for cats or dogs exist for our four-legged friends.

Woofbox, a dog box that will satisfy your dog. A selection of products adapted to your animal: toys, treats, accessories… A unique gift at the foot of the tree for the most faithful of animals.

Miaoubox, a box for our feline friends. Accessories, toys, and treats appropriate to the profile of your beloved cat.

6. Organic beauty boxes

Beauty boxes are suitable for both men and women. Treat the person you love by pampering them with natural cosmetics.

Silex, a box exclusively reserved for men, includes organic and natural products. Men too can take care of themselves while preserving the planet. The boxes are available by season and not monthly as usual.

Beauty Formula, a DIY box for all women who dream of making their own 100% natural and organic cosmetics.

7. Literary Christmas boxes

Do you want to give away a book, but you don’t know which one? With book boxes, no more worries, because they take care of it for you. A very nice gift for all literature lovers.

The Kube allows you to personalize the content of the box (via a questionnaire) to choose the best book for you. Accompanied by goodies and other surprises, this box is perfect. And that’s not all, because La Kube is also available for children aged 7 to 11.

Once upon a book, a bookish box prepared with love. Delicacies and surprises are waiting for you to accompany the book.

8. Boxes for pregnant women

Future mothers will be delighted to find a box designed for them under the tree. A good way to live and enjoy your pregnancy from many angles.

Tiniloo sells a pregnancy box that allows you to spend 9 months taking care of yourself. Up to 6 surprise products in a box that adapts perfectly to the stage of your pregnancy. Tiniloo designs boxes for toddlers from 0 to 7 years old.

Evidence box has set up an organic maternity box. It is intended for pregnant women or young mothers. Natural products to take care of your body and skin.

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