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How to Decorate your Christmas Tree in Six Easy Simple Steps

How to Decorate your Christmas Tree in Six Easy and Simple Steps for the Christmas 2020 

The end of the year approaches. The trees are already available. Maybe you will soon buy your Christmas tree. But between garlands, balls, fairy lights, and other subjects, you don’t always know where to start. To help you how to decorate your Christmas tree, here are the simple and easy steps to follow.

Decorate your Christmas tree in six easy and simple steps?

Step 1: choose your Christmas tree before decorating it

Before thinking about Christmas decorations, you must first buy your tree. Choose the right size for your room. The larger the room, the more you can take a large tree that will dress the living room or the dining room. Also, avoid putting your tree near a heat source, such as a radiator or fireplace. It would dry quickly and would not last long.

Step 2: take out the Christmas decorations

With the tree chosen, purchased, and installed, you can unpack your holiday decorations. We all have, somewhere, this big box with garlands, balls, and lights. Take out what you have, sort if necessary, and untangle the fairy lights.

Step 3: install the fairy lights on the tree

First Christmas decoration to position on your tree: light garlands. Make sure the small lights are evenly distributed throughout the Christmas tree. After installing the LEDs, stop for a moment, turn on the lights, and re-adjust the position of the strings, if necessary.

Step 4: install the balls

After the sparkling garlands, you can install the balls. Start with the larger balls, before distributing the smaller ones and Christmas subjects. And be careful to distribute your balls according to their color. If you have several sizes of balls and subjects, place the largest at the bottom of the tree, where it is most bushy. Then arrange the smaller decorations near the top of the tree.

Step 5: Place the non-light garlands around the Christmas tree

Finally, if you have non- lighted garlands, dress your Christmas tree with them. Classic garlands in the shiny paper for a vintage Christmas tree decoration, pearl garlands for an elegant decoration, wooden garlands for an eco-friendly Christmas tree, or even popcorn garlands, each his own style!

Step 6: polish the decoration of the tree

Last stage of the Christmas tree decoration: the star. A star that is positioned at the top of the tree, after having cut a piece of branches. A point or an angel can replace the traditional Christmas star. And other decorations can then come to decorate the turn of the tree. Throughout the operation, take a step back and turn around your tree to check the correct balance of the decoration. In addition, do not hesitate to ask for outside opinions to make sure that the decor is perfect.

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