Alexandria Fragrances Perfumes For Women

5 Best Smelling Alexandria Fragrances For Women

Having a few perfumes in your collection that evoke a strong sense of femininity can bring you great joy. It’s especially satisfying because it sets you apart as a woman of substance and confidence. Alexandria Fragrances is a brand that was founded in 2017. They offer perfumes with unique and feminine scents that are sure to capture your attention.

These top 5 Alexandria fragrances for women clearly demonstrate that a scent can be both fiery and feminine. Don’t miss out on them.

Top 5 Alexandria Fragrances For Women

1. Alexandria Fragrances Hawaii Volcano Eau De Parfum

Hawaii Volcano by Alexandria Fragrances

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It is extremely difficult to escape from the powerful fragrance of Hawaii Volcano, which is known for its explosive nature. This perfume is part of the Alexandria collection and falls under the citrus for Women category. It was introduced in 2017.

With a prominent citrus scent and notes of coconut, Sicilian bergamot, mandarin, lemon, musk, and woody notes, it offers a variety of transcendental aromas. With this in mind, you’ll understand that it’s a fragrance specifically created for the summer. It offers a refreshing scent that’s perfect for hot days.

The product lasts a long time because it is highly durable. It leaves a strong scent during the summer season.

2. Alexandria Fragrances Fructis Virginis Eau De Parfum

Fructis Virginis by Alexandria Fragrances

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Let’s now discover that seductive perfume is all its essence and is made especially for women who want to conquer a man’s heart naturally; we refer to the Fructis Virginis, launched in 2018.

Fructis virgins have a delightful smell with hints of sandalwood, Turkish rose, vetiver, samba jasmine, cherry, almond, and liquor. The mixture of sweet elements, alcohol, and roses makes you feel both alluring and stunning, wherever you are.

This fragrance is perfect for spring because it has a lot of pink notes. It lasts a long time and leaves a strong scent trail.

3. Alexandria Fragrances Serene Eau De Parfum

Serene by Alexandria Fragrances

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Serene by Alexandria is a perfume designed for mature women. It was launched in 2017 and falls under the Chypre Floral olfactory family for Women. Serene has a floral scent that makes you feel refreshed. It contains notes of patchouli, vanilla, vetiver, white musk, mimosa, bergamot, orange, orange blossom, and tonka bean.

Ylang-ylang is used in perfumes to add a hint of citrus and delicate floral notes. The longevity of this item is impressive, and its trail is gentle, making it perfect for winter enjoyment.

4. Alexandria Fragrances Unforgettable Eau De Parfum

Unforgettable by Alexandria Fragrances

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Don’t allow loneliness to overwhelm you when you’re alone. The proposal of Unforgettable by Alexandria Fragrances is all about creating a fragrance that leaves a lasting impression. It was introduced in 2018 and quickly gained popularity as a standout fragrance in the Oriental Floral category.

This perfume has a spiritual aroma that combines notes of vanilla, leather, vetiver, sandalwood, patchouli, orange, black currants, bergamot, ylang-ylang, and gardenia. Unforgettable by Alexandria Fragrances is perfect for those who enjoy citrus and floral fragrances, with a hint of independence.

It has a long-lasting scent and a strong presence that will make you feel comfortable in autumn. It combines freshness, fruity notes, and floral elements.

5. Alexandria Fragrances Arabian Horse Eau De Parfum

Arabian Horse by Alexandria Fragrances

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Imagine wanting to embody the essence of a courageous woman, ready to take on any challenge that comes your way. If you’re interested, I recommend trying out the Arabian Horse by Alexandria Perfumes. It’s a cologne specifically designed for women and was launched in 2017. This fragrance falls under the Woody Spicy category.

This perfume contains vanilla, vetiver, patchouli, cedar, musk, prickly ash, tobacco, and devil’s staff. That’s why you can anticipate a strong and fiery aroma, perfect for enjoying during the winter with your loved ones. You can easily detect its aroma, which is very dry and has a hint of sweetness. Its durability is long-lasting, but it leaves a significant impact.

Final Words

Here are the top 5 Alexandria fragrances for women that you should definitely have to maintain sensuality and showcase the true essence of being a woman, which goes beyond mere physical beauty.

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