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5 Best Feminist Movies to learn more about Feminism

Top 5 Best Feminist Movies to learn more about Feminism

In recent decades, women will also play the main role in television series, go out of the conventional and show themselves capable of freeing themselves from male aid. If watching movies with heroines, insightful and strong women keep you entertained, then the following top 5 best feminist movies will meet your expectations.

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Top 5 Best Feminist Movies about Feminism 


1. Wonder woman

Released in 1975, Wonder Woman is a William M. Marston series starring Lynda Carter. The heroine serves, for a long time, as a model for all other feminist series. The series is a pioneer in the promotion of feminism through television channels. It gives way to other series and films like Halle Berry in Catwomen, Sydney Bristow in Alias, and the current women warriors.

These feminist series give a positive influence on pop culture, gender issues, and even race. Women who usually take on the role of model wife and devoted mother will now be transformed into active and supportive women.

2. Xena, the warrior princess

Xena, the Warrior Princess is a series by John Schulian and Robert G . The heroine’s leather armor, high boots, black fringed mini skirt, and plunging neckline set her apart from the rest. She dominates men well while seducing them with her muscular arms and thighs. The pretty brunette perfectly embodies the liberation of women and female sexuality.

Xena handles weapons very well. Known before for her bloodthirsty and uncompromising character, she realizes her abuses and decides to work for good . Since her awareness, she travels to help the weak and the needy to right her wrongs. To carry out her mission, she is helped by a young girl named Gabrielle whose village she has saved.

3. Murder

The Murder series or How To Get Away With Murder is the masterpiece of Peter Norwalk and Shonda Rhimes. It discusses the story of Annalize Keating, both a lawyer and professor of criminology at the University of Philadelphia. Keating is admittedly strict, but she also performs well on the job. In addition to the courses she gives, she gives four of her students the opportunity to assist her in the field.

In the first ten minutes of the series, the students already find themselves with a corpse on their arms. In short, the storyline of the series rests on an arrangement of murder, justice, and entertainment. Aside from the women who knew how to represent the feminine path, young people also joined the ranks of avant-garde feminists.

4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer democratizes female heroism. The lead actress is considered the forerunner of “girl power” on screen. This series has a special place among the cinematographic productions which put forward superb heroines. At first, Buffy looks like the pretty blonde who gets slaughtered in horror movies, but later she manages to reverse the role.

With the help of her friends, she manages to defeat the vampire. The series presents other female and feminist figures such as witches. It gives the latter a new image, that of beings who also fight for good and not always for evil.

5. Veronica mars

Veronica Mars to Rob Thomas is a series for teens who staged a determined schoolgirl to unmask men abusing young women with impunity. She has no superpowers. She’s not impressive, but she has a talent for wielding a camera. The girl’s penchant for feminism begins with the murder of her best friend, Lilly Kane.

To be able to bury her pathetic past, the heroine also searches for her missing mother and the one who raped her. This is how his journey as a young detective begins.

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