Tips to Make Your Hairs More Flexible

10 Tips to Make Your Hairs More Flexible

10 Tips to Make Your Hairs More Flexible

This hair is generally difficult to style, hence the need to loosen it up. Discover some tips to make your hair more flexible and give them a shiny look.


1. Wash Your Hair Less

To avoid the straw effect on the hair, it is essential to take care of it. You should avoid washing them too regularly. They must be washed two to three times a week to keep their cleanliness. You can also use shampoo for each wash. Your hair will become softer after a few weeks of application. You can also use dry shampoo to clean your hair. This mixture of powder and essential oils will give the desired clarity to your hair.


2. Take the Water Temperature

The temperature of the water is important when you wash them. If it is too hot, your hair may get greasy. With too cold water, the risk is that the shampoo is badly rinsed which is not ideal either. The ideal water temperature for washing your hair is 38 °!


3. Don’t Use too Much Shampoo

For cleaning your hair, you must use shampoo, but be sure to dose the amount to a minimum. An excess of this product is a real handicap for your hair because it deteriorates the natural protective oils. For best use, you need to wet your hair first. Remember to use water that is neither too hot nor too cold. Then apply a small amount in your hands to cleanse. Run it through the hair from root to tip.

By doing this, your hair will no longer be able to squeal too much when rinsing. In addition, it is important to ensure that you use a shampoo that is well-suited to the nature of your hair. Do not hesitate to ask your hairdresser for advice if you have any doubts.


4. Air Dry Your Hair

If the use of hairdryers can be very effective in making your hair dry, it is sometimes advisable to expose your hair to the open air. Act gently by reducing the friction power on your hair. After washing the hair, you just have to squeeze the water out with your towel and then let the air dry it.

Apply this method at least once a week and you will maintain the quality of your hair. However, if you are keen on using a hairdryer, then you should reduce the temperature of the dryer to maintain the condition of the hair.


5. Avoid Hairstyles and Treatments that Damage the Hair

Daily and meticulous brushing is a gesture to encourage keep the flexibility of the hair. So avoid using heating devices such as hair straighteners or curling. Also, avoid using any other styling techniques that require a heat source. However, if you must use it, consider protecting your hair first. Use special heat-protectant products to care for your hair.

The application of tints, dyes, etc. damages your hair. These products have a negative impact on the protective hair fiber of your hair. This is what sometimes explains hair loss. In this condition, you are often forced to use wigs or otherwise take care of the hair until it grows back.

However, if the desire to color your hair overwhelms you, be sure to get yourself some henna dye. This form of dye has no effect on the hair fiber. You can also use natural recipes like chamomile or honey to give your hair more light and suppleness.


6. Use Good Quality Care and Make a Hair Mask

To make your hair soft and supple, it is essential to apply care after cleaning. To do this, use a good quality treatment such as a dab of products on your dry hair. Favor products from recognized hair care brands like Kerastase for example. Also, be sure to use specific products adapted to your hair type. This will give your hair good hydration.

After this step, it is advisable to think about putting on a mask to keep the shine of your hair. To be effective, the hair mask must be applied while you still have water in your hair. There are several techniques for performing hair masks at home. You can do this for example with a tablespoon of honey or aloe vera.


7. Apply Intensive Care

Do you want to soften your hair that has already become too dry? You can apply the oil to your hair and leave it for a while before rinsing it off. You have the choice between coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, etc. The goal is not to rinse your hair with oil, but rather to apply a small amount that can sublimate it. You can discover other oils through hair beauty tips. In the absence of these oils, you can always take the advice of people who have already had experience with a category of oil.


8. Use the Steam Method

This is one of the methods to be developed to ensure that you have supple hair. It is a technique that aims to keep hydration in your hair as long as possible. This will give you silky hair well-nourished and sufficiently hydrated. The method involves dividing the hair into six compartments of equal size. But first, you need to spray the mixture and properly detangle the hair.

In each compartment, you will have to pass the mixture of shea butter and virgin oil. Then, you will have to attach them in turn and then cover the whole with a charlotte (cap). Allow time for the mixture to perfectly penetrate your hair then remove the charlotte. There are several other recipes like this. You just have to inquire if the latter is not to your liking.


9. Brush Your Hair to Air Out

Wild boar bristle brushes are better for brushing your hair due to the natural fibers they contain. The acquisition cost might seem high, but it will take better care of your hair. Brush your hair gently from the roots to the split ends, a few hours before using shampoos. Avoid the use of plastic or metal brushes, as they will not help you to soften your shaggy hair. Also, modify the hairstyles to avoid the wand effect on your hair.


10. Keep the Scalp Well Hydrated

Well, the last tip to make your hair soft and more flexible is to keep your scalp hydrated. To maintain the beauty of your hair, remember to hydrate yourself regularly. Water is originally a very beneficial nutrient for human health. Thus, by drinking it regularly, you first cause your body to release the toxin.

Secondly, you keep your skin and hair well hydrated. It is therefore a good idea to always have a bottle of water with you to take when you feel dehydrated. If you don’t take water, you may be able to take unsweetened, non-caffeinated drinks.



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