Best Epilators for Women

Best Epilators for Women

10 Best Women Epilators for Having a Smooth Skin

For a woman, being beautiful from head to toe does not only mean having her hair done or being well dressed. Epilators were launched on the market a few years ago and have quickly become more democratic and are now accessible to the general public. With a number of models circulating on the market, it is difficult to know which one to choose, here is a buying guide to choose the best epilators for women that can be used for body and facial hair.

The purpose of using epilators is to get rid of unwanted hair and leave a well-groomed look. There are several ways to remove hair effectively, such as using wax, a waxing strip, or even tweezers. But these methods are not always very comfortable. The reason why today, their time is over. The cosmetics industries have left the front of the stage to electric epilators, devices that combine efficiency, comfort, and performance.


1. Braun Epilator Silk-epil

Forget old-fashioned depilation with wax and make way for innovation by adopting Braun’s Skil-épil 9 9-561. This model, like the vast majority of Braun epilators, is perfect whether for dry hair removal or in the shower thanks to the Wet & Dry function. In terms of design, it is adorned with a satin white color that reflects elegance and performance at the same time. Added to this is an ergonomic and comfortable grip.

When it comes to performance, the silk 9 9-561 is able to remove hairs 4 times shorter than wax. It also comes with 6 accessories including a shaving head and a trimmer. This innovative epilator incorporates micro-grip technology and has 40 tweezers to remove the finest hairs.


2. Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956/00 Epilator

Philips is an internationally known brand in the design of different electronic devices. Regarding epilators, they are among its flagship products. The model that we have decided to present to you here is one of the most popular models on the market. This is the Lumea Prestige, a pulsed light epilator that is able to provide effective hair removal for the body, face, bikini line, and armpits.

It incorporates 4 smart tips with a Smart skin sensor. In terms of performance, pulsed light reduces the hair produced by the body. Thus the sessions will leave your skin both smoother and clearer. Versatile, it is also suitable for all skin types and can operate on both mains and battery power at the same time.


3. Remington IPL6250 Epilator

Introducing the Remington IPL6250 Pulsed Light Hair Remover. As its name suggests, it incorporates a painless hair removal system that is based on light pulses. However, it provides a softer and smoother result while reducing hairiness after just 3 treatments. Still, in terms of performance, the lamps cover 75 points at the same time and the pulsed light incorporates a 3 cm² window.

In this way, the device guarantees optimal hair removal in all areas of the body. At the same time, it incorporates 5 levels of intensity which allows you to adapt the hair removal session according to your needs. In terms of design, it is adorned with an ergonomic structure, guaranteeing a grip and comfortable use.


4. Beurer IPL 10000 Epilator

The vast majority of epilators developed by the Beurer brand have always been classified in the high-end category by users. They combine performance, efficiency, and ergonomics and on the design side, Beurer knows how to set its products apart from the competition. The Beurer IPL 10,000, since its launch, has been listed as one of the best models on the market so far.

This IPL hair removal device, as its name suggests, works with a light pulse of 250,000 flashes. However, it ensures real hair loss in less than 3 sessions. It is adorned with several functions such as serial lighting as well as the XXL light pulse window, which guarantees a fast and effective hair removal session. The Beurer IPL also embeds various sensors such as the skin type sensor or even,


5. Philips BRE225/00 Epilator

The epilator that we have decided to present to you below is one of the high-end models from the Philips brand. This is the Satinelle BRE225/00 epilator, a compact mains model that offers an ergonomic grip thanks to its design. It is also adorned with a washable head for optimized hygiene.

In terms of performance, it incorporates a hair removal system with 21 tweezers. However, it is able to remove even the shortest and finest hairs with efficiency. The Satinelle BRE225/00 epilator also features 2 levels of speed settings. It can also be used by both men and women.


6. Philips BRE275/00 Epilator

Here is the Philips Satinelle Essential epilator, an improved model of the BRE225/00 version. This model incorporates an Opti-light light that allows you to epilate fine hairs found in areas that are difficult to epilate such as the bikini line or the armpits. At the same time, it has 2-speed settings that allow you to go from gentle epilation to optimal and fast epilation.

Still, in terms of performance, it incorporates 21 pliers just like the BRE225/00, and allows you to remove the finest or thickest hairs. But what really sets it apart is that it comes with 4 additional accessories including a razor tip, a mowing comb, a massaging accessory, and a cover. However, it is able to be used for both the face and the whole body.


7. Panasonic ES ED22 Epilator

Since choosing an epilator should not be done blindly, we have decided to present you with the best model on the market. This is the Panasonic-ES ED22 V503 epilator. This model is one of the most popular due to its 2-in-1 function. This device is able to guarantee you optimized and comfortable hair removal with or without foam thanks to its Wet & Dry function.

It incorporates a double disc with 48 precision tweezers, allowing you to reach even the finest and shortest hairs. Added to this is a 60° flexible head, allowing it to adapt to the contours of your body. The Panasonic ES ED22 V503 also has 2 speeds normal mode and soft mode. On the practical side, the epilator emits a red LED signal when the battery is almost flat.


8. Epilator Calor EP5660C0

The EP5660Co epilator from CALOR is a silent epilator that has been unanimously approved by various users. It embeds an exfoliating head which is intended to eliminate the subcutaneous hairs. At the same time, it comes with an underarm attachment, a bikini attachment, a bikini comb, an ultra-efficient shaving head, and a cleaning brush.

This epilator also has several other features that make it unique. For example, you will find the vision function which illuminates the different areas to be depilated. Then you will find the silence function, which earned it its name “Silence soft”. At the same time, it incorporates micro-contact technology that straightens and pulls out the shortest hairs.


9. VOYOR Epilator

There are many epilators specifically adapted to women on the market. But choosing one isn’t always as easy as it looks. That’s why we took the time to sort it out for you and present this model to you. This is the electric epilator for women from the Voyor brand. This device is a 3-in-1 model that allows shaving, shaving, and waxing.

It has a motor capable of generating nearly 10,000 vibrations per minute in order to optimally eliminate all unwanted hair. This device can be used for the depilation of arms, back, and legs, as well as for sensitive areas. In addition, there are 2 adjustable speed levels according to your needs.


10. Hizek Keda Electric Epilator

This epilator that we have decided to present to you is one of the flagship models of the Hizek brand. This is the KEDA, a 4-in-1 electric epilator for women. It incorporates a high-tech hair removal system that allows different users to benefit from high protection for their skin.

With the Wet & Dry function, it works both for dry epilation and wet epilation with foam. All 5 heads that come with this device are highly water-resistant and washable after each use. Versatile, it can not only ensure optimized hair removal but also can be used for body and facial care. Operating with a battery, it offers an autonomy of 2 hours.


How to Choose an Electric Epilator?

An electric epilator is a device designed to remove unwanted hair follicles that are found all over the body. As its name suggests, it epilates the hairs at the root thanks to small tweezers integrated at the level of the head. In terms of the principle of operation, the tweezers squeeze the hairs and then pull them thanks to a motor and an integrated epilation system.

The performance of each device depends on its characteristics. But be aware that the most efficient and high-tech models are able to remove up to 10,000 hairs per minute. If epilators are so popular today, they owe it to their pain relief system and their waterproofness.

Some models even have a pivoting head and incorporate a waterproof shell that allows them to be used in the bath. Anyway, it will be necessary to sort out the characteristics that the epilators offer in order to make the best acquisition. Among the most important criteria, you will find:


  • The number of tweezers

Admittedly, you may think that the design of the device is an important criterion. Yes, it is essential to find an epilator capable of ensuring an ergonomic grip that is adorned with a fairly wide epilation head. Nevertheless, the number of tweezers remains the element that will guarantee the performance of the device.

Models with less than 10 tweezers are generally intended for sensitive areas such as the face, bikini line, and armpits. The 20-tweezer models are more suitable for beginners and people with sensitive skin. On the other hand, if you already have experience in the field, prefer models with 30 or 40 tweezers. The hair removal session will be faster and more effective.


  • Innovation

With regard to this parameter, it will be necessary above all to think of making a point of honor on the pain relief system of the device. To this end, be aware that each model can offer different functions. But for greater comfort of use, we advise you to favor models that offer massage effects. In doing so, they provide a less unpleasant feeling of hair removal. Always in terms of innovation, we also advise you to turn to epilators that benefit from the Wet & Dry function. They are capable of being used both dry and underwater.


  • Food

Corded epilators will give you a comfortable hair removal session with unlimited autonomy. On the other hand, these devices are neither waterproof nor mobile. This is why we advise you to turn to battery-operated epilators. Generally, they display a range that varies from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the model. They are also the most ergonomic and efficient. At the same time, they integrate more functions compared to wired epilators.


  • The Accessories

Know that the more an epilator has accessories, the more versatile it will be. To this end, it would be wise, above all, to turn to models that incorporate a swivel head of at least 60°. They will be able to marry the curves of your skin as well as the folds, in order to give you the benefit of optimized hair removal. A shaving head as well, a trimmer accessory, a face accessory, and brushes will also be welcome.


How to Use an Electric Epilator?

Since electric epilators have been launched on the market, they have quickly become the number one device, present in our bathrooms. The models are numerous and differ according to their characteristics. But in principle, they display more efficiency and comfort compared to the traditional method.

When it comes to usage, how the device works depend on its brand and features. This is why, after the purchase, it is of paramount importance to take the time to familiarize yourself with the device thanks to the instructions for use. For the rest, find the different stages of optimized hair removal through these few paragraphs:


  • Before Waxing

Waxing at the last minute before going out is never a good idea. A hair removal session always requires several hours of preparation. To do this, first, start by exfoliating the areas to be depilated using a brush or at least an exfoliating glove.

This is in order to prepare your skin and make it firmer. Also, remember to thoroughly clean the area to be treated with warm water after exfoliation in order to dilate the pores of your epidermis. And once the area has been cleared of all impurities, you can proceed to hair removal.


  • During Hair Removal

If this is your first time using an epilator, remember to set the device to the lowest speed. You will be able to increase its performance as your skin becomes accustomed to supporting the tingling of the tweezers. Then, know that it is always best to start waxing on the part of the leg, where the skin is thicker.

Also remember to stretch the area to be waxed with your free hand to allow the tweezers to get the hairs the shortest, finest folds. Also, remember to always create a 90° angle with your epilation for a softer result.


  • After Waxing

After each waxing session, apply a lotion to the waxed part to moisturize your skin and limit the appearance of ingrown hairs. Then, be sure to space the epilation time over an interval of several weeks to avoid attacking your skin. Finally, don’t forget to maintain your device after each use by washing its head well to remove all hair residue.



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