10 Scientific Ways to Be Attractive and More Appealing

10 Ways to be Attractive According to Science

10 Scientific Ways to Be Attractive and More Appealing

According to science, our attractiveness characteristics indicate whether a woman has childbearing material and, as a result, attracts the attention of the opposite gender.

Science gives us the keys to identifying our most attractive qualities. Beyond fashion to follow or countless hours spent pursuing perfection, many of the keys to attractiveness have more to do with the evolution of our species and are, therefore, ageless. Determine which aspects are significant when igniting a man’s attention.


  1. Red Color: For the Lips and Clothing

According to color psychology, red represents and communicates passion, love, strength, and sexuality. And they are all components of the concept of a person’s attractiveness. So, we have a good cause to wear red clothing, accessories, and red lipstick.

A study from the University of Manchester revealed that when a man and a woman were having a conversation, there was a significant difference in the amount of time he spent focusing on the woman’s lips; when he wore them naturally, he spent an average of one second on them, while when he wore them painted with carmine, he spent an average of seven seconds.


  1. Long Hair

Long, healthy, and lustrous hair is not only something we desire for ourselves, but it is also one of the characteristics that men directly link with attractiveness.

From an evolutionary perspective, a woman with strong and healthy hair is believed to communicate her maximum state of health. Her ability to procreate and ensure good genetics makes this attribute attractive to the other sex.


  1. Curve Between the Waist and the Hips

Many women seek to keep weight so low that their womanly forms disappear, decreasing their silhouette in the belief that this makes them more alluring to men. Although “for likes and hues,” the reality is that well-placed curves make women appealing. And if we want to be more particular, the interaction between a thin waist and wide hips would appear to create one of the most sensual and feminine forms.


  1. Tattoos

Men typically find tattooed women beautiful, even though the basis of this data may appear stereotypical. This is because tattooed individuals are thought to be more sexually active and promiscuous than non-tattooed individuals, leading to the perception that having sex with them is more likely.

Nicolas Gueguen published a research in which he observed the behavior of guys on the beach when they discovered two women lying down and reading a book. Whereas 10% of men approached the woman without tattoos, 24% approached the woman with tattoos. Oh! In addition, the latter approached considerably more rapidly.


  1. Having reached full Ovulation

While women are in the middle of their menstrual cycle, just before ovulation, they experience modest but noticeable bodily changes that are positively viewed and enjoyed by an observer.

For example, facial characteristics are slightly adjusted to provide a more feminine appearance, and our body odor changes throughout this time. Regardless of how tiny it may appear to us, men perceive it unconsciously, and it alters their normal approach.


  1. Show Empathy

No displays of arrogance and scorn. If you want to appeal to a man in terms of your relationship style, keep in mind that what captivates him is a woman who is close and able to connect with his way of thinking and feeling.


  1. Smile

A beautiful grin is one of the most effective calling cards when meeting a person of the opposite gender, and this is true for both men and women.

White, well-cared-for, and properly aligned teeth are the key to looking attractive when you smile. There is nothing better than framing teeth in this manner with a genuine and unforced smile that shows “the joy of receiving you.”

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  1. High-Hitched

In this instance, people favor a high-pitched, slightly feminine voice. Men have a natural impulse to protect us, which they associate with youth and a diminutive physique.


  1. Head Posture

It appears that modelling and photography specialists have been able to capitalize on the study of the most appealing perspective.

A 2010 study by the University of Newcastle revealed that the position that makes us all appear more beautiful to the opposite sex is a small head tilt to one side and a modest chin elevation.


  1. Discreetly whisper in the Ear

The brain’s left hemisphere, which processes the most pleasurable feelings and language information, can be stimulated via the right auditory canal.



Hence, if you want to stimulate positive vibrations and a pleasant connection with someone you find beautiful, you need only talk into their ear, but it must be correct.



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