11 Best Bicycle & Bike Accessories Shops in Singapore

11 Best Bicycle & Bike Accessories Shops in Singapore

Believe it or not, Singapore is the best city for cyclists. Getting from point A to B is easy. It also helps that cycling is a great way to hide in some exercise while reducing your carbon footprint.

Change your four wheels to two and get yourself a fast bike, at these fabulous bike shops, fax, or a beautiful cruiser.

Cycling has become a means of travel in today’s society, despite being an all-time favorite pastime for most of us since ancient times.

Why is it here? Cycling is environmentally friendly. It doesn’t require fuel, no parking fees, and you can definitely skip traffic with it.

Best Bicycle & Bike Accessories Shops in Singapore

Offering lots of amazing cycling trails in Singapore, we’ve compiled a list of the best bicycle and bike Accessories shops that will suit you. Choose from Mr.Bicycle, Rodalink, and Bikesmart SG Bikes at these Bicycle shops in Singapore.

1. Decathlon Singapore

New to riding a bike? Head to the French mega sports retailer Decathlon to start your cycling adventure. Choose from road bikes, mountain bikes, and hybrid bikes.

Plus, you don’t have to rush from one column to another as the Decathlon Bicycle Singapore Lab in Kallang has a wide selection of bicycle accessories such as helmets and bike lights.

2. Marin San Rafael DSI Hybrid Bike

The Marin San Rafael DS1 is a versatile hybrid bicycle that is best for both paved and rocky roads.

With its aluminum frameset, the motorcycle gears are smooth to shift and well balanced. Riding down will not be a problem.

3. Mighty Velo

If long-distance travel on two wheels seems unbearable, try riding with a foldable bicycle from Mighty Velo.

That way, you can take your trusty bike with you on the train. Foldable Bike Specialist also offers to check and tune for all users.

4. Giant ATX 1 27.5 Mountain Bike

The Giant ATX 1 is one of the best bicycles in the various ranges of its MTB series. This lightweight bike features a matte finish frame and powerful disc brakes for any weather conditions. Ideal for high steering controls.

It also gives you a comfortable riding posture and is equipped with heavy tires. You will be extra safe when passing through rocky trails and rough city roads.

5. Mr. Bicycles

If you are looking for compact and durable bikes, Mr. Bicycles is the place to go. Offering everything related to two wheels at affordable prices, it is strong in terms of quality.

Expect to find well-known brands like Weapon, Java, Gray, Pease, and more in the selection. Make it your one-stop spot for all your bike needs.

6. Linus Roadster Sports City Bike

Are you a beginner in cycling and looking forward to a walk on the boulevard? Then this lens roadster is made for you. It’s great for traveling around the city, such as Flatlands and Singapore.

This bike has a modern interpretation of the classic European models of the ’60s. Designed with a rack to carry your luggage, the sleek bicycle also comes with a fender.

7. Rodalink

Keeping some of the best motorcycle brands – including Polygon, Topic, Core, and Marine – under one roof, Rodalink is a mecca for experienced cyclists.

While we all love to shop online, go to the original store as it has a great selection of bike accessories, frames, and wheels for this complete customization.

8. Wheeler’s Yard

Wheeler’s yard turned into a simple bicycle warehouse as originally planned. The Kick-Ass Bike atelier slash hipster cafe is a very good place where you can fix your coffee and brunch while waiting for your beloved two-wheeler to be repaired. No wheels? Come on in the Wheeler’s Yard, take a look, and enjoy.

9. Bikemart SG

Don’t mind second-hand rides? Or maybe you just want to sell your old bike? Check out Bike Mart SG, a popular fairy-tale bicycle shop that started out as a hobby.

With premium bikes, wheelchairs, tires, and tubes, they have a wide selection of bikes and accessories. The best part is, they can personalize bikes that aren’t in their catalog. Isn’t their love?

10. Attitude Bikes

Formed by a group of motorcycle enthusiasts in 1997, it is one of the best bicycle shops in Singapore for custom rides. Everything is tailored to your needs and preferences, so no two bikes are the same.

Serious mountain & road bikers will be happy to know that the Establishment also stocks well-known brands such as DMR and Monty.

11. My Bike Shop

If you have never owned a motorcycle, My Bike Shop should be an option for you. The store has a large selection of foldable bikes to choose from and friendly staff, who are keen on cycling, will guide you on your journey to find the best ride. Psst: We recommend reading the Bike Buying Guide on the site before visiting the store.

All of these provide a great selection of Bike Accessories in Singapore for smooth rides without compromising your comfort as well as the speed of your bike.

From baby seats and locks, downstairs to storage racks, you’ll find all kinds of motorcycles here at their store.

The products they have will definitely improve safety, and comfort as well as the bike and your overall performance.

They provide the highest quality accessories to take your riding experience to a whole new level. Browse to purchase the best Bicycle in Singapore you need.

Here is a list of essentials for every cyclist, from beginners to highly experienced.

  • Chain Lubricant
  • Multi-Tool
  • The Ultimate Smart Bike Helmet
  • Stylish Bicycle Saddle Bag
  • Stashable Bike Multi-Tool
  • A Bike Bell with a Difference
  • Adaptable Cycling Jacket
  • TrolleyTote Folding Basket
  • Anti-Pollution Mask
  • Airbag for Urban Cyclists
  • Best GPS Computer
  • Hight-Tech Cycling Gloves
  • Sleek Smartwatch & Bike Speedometer
  • Waterproof Carrier Bag
  • The Smallest & Strongest Bike Lock
  • Waterproof of Bike Cover
  • Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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