13 Sunnah Acts of Jummah for Muslims

12 Sunnah Acts of Jummah for Muslims

A Muslim must live a balanced life while following Islamic rules and regulations. Our Holy Prophet PBUH gave the honor of the “Best Day of The Week” and recommended doing many things on this special day. These special deeds are Sunnah and you can learn more about these Sunnah acts on Jumma Mubarak Status.

Jummah is a special day compared to other days of the week as Islam was completed on this Holy Day. God created Adam on this day. Quran has a complete surah with the same name, “Jumuah.” In verse 3 of chapter 5 in the Quran, it is stated,

This day, I have perfected your religion for you, completed My Favor upon you, and have chosen Islam as your religion.”

Sunnah Acts of Jummah for Muslims

Jummah brings all the Muslim people together because of its special prayer named Jummah prayer, which includes sermons, prayer, and time spent in the mosque.

Everyone must give a special protocol and importance to this day. Everyone must know the special and spiritual deeds recommended on this day. Here are a few of these Sunnah acts that every Muslim must follow to seek the happiness of God:

1. Take Bath

All must take a bath on Jummah, and make his body neat, and clean by culling the unnecessary hairs on the body. One can also trim his mustache.

2. Use Siwak

Using Siwak to clean teeth is an important Sunnah that everyone must do.

3. Wear Clean Clothes

It is unnecessary to wear the new dress when you get ready for Jummah prayer, but it would be good if you wear it.

Suppose you do not have a new dress. In that case, it is highly recommended to wear a fine and presentable dress before going to the Jummah prayer.

4. Recite Surah Al Kahf

We all must recite the whole chapter, but if we cannot, we must recite the first ten or last ten verses of this chapter. Our Holy Prophet PBUH said that those who recite the whole chapter; will be illuminated with the lights between two Jummahs.

5. Cut Your Nails

Before you offer the Jummah prayer, you must trim your nails.

6. Apply Nonalcoholic Perfume

Using nonalcoholic perfume before the Jummah prayer is also a Sunnah.

7. Send Blessings upon the Holy Prophet PBUH

The Holy Prophet PBUH himself said to send blessings and recite Durood as much as possible on this blessed day.

The Holy Prophet PBUH receives all the blessings himself, making Jummah the special day of the week.

8. Ask GOD between Asr and Maghrib

If you want God to accept all your prayers, then ask God whatever you want between Asr and Maghrib. During this time, God will never return any Muslim empty-handed.

9. Reach the Mosque as Early as Possible

Give honor to this special day by leaving your businesses and working for the Jummah prayer. Get ready in a good way and reach the mosque well before prayer time. It would be best to reach out as early as possible to listen to the sermon.

Angels also visit mosques at the time of Jummah prayer. They stand at the mosque’s gate to write the names of those who come early to hear the sermon and to offer the Jummah prayer.

Angels stop writing the names when the leader or speaker comes and listens to the sermon.

Those who visit the mosque early are equal to offering a camel in sacrifice. Those who came later were equal to the offering of a cow, then ram, chicken, and egg.

10. Listen to the Sermon with Attention

Do not interrupt the speaker during the sermon. Do not whisper or talk to the other person sitting beside you. Stay silent even if you do not understand whatever the speaker is saying, and if you have questions, keep them to yourself and ask at the end separately.

11. Go to the Mosque by Walk

Try going to offer prayer by walking rather than going in a car. This will remove all his sins, and the angels will start his deeds. This is the golden chance to purify yourself and wipe all of your sins by going to the mosque for a walk.

12. Sit in Empty Space

If you are late, find space rather than separating two people sitting together. It is one of the etiquettes of Jummah.

13. Offer Additional Rakas

One of the reasons for calling Muslims early in the mosque is that you must offer two additional rakahs to greet the mosque. You can offer a short prayer if the speaker has started the sermon.

Concluding Remarks

Every Muslim must follow the Sunnah as mentioned above to get the reward and happiness of God.

Take a complete bath, cut your hair and nails, wear a clean and new dress, apply available perfume, reach the mosque early by walking, and listen to sermons carefully to get the maximum out of this special day.

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